Fighting Over The Judgement Seat

“There is no more war in my classroom, and there is no more war in my home.” Those were the words of a teacher from Kenya this summer. It was part of a parenting training I attended designed to teach Catholic leaders how to teach their families self-government skills and good communication. In the 19 […]

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HECOA Conference

(This event is not hosted by TSG) FREE + ONLINE APRIL 23-27, 2018 5 Things You’ll Discover From AttendingThis FREE Bootcamp Finally, get clarity and direction for your homeschool. Learn how to teach effectively. Receive practical, doable tips and ideas. Gain knowledge and understanding. Walk away with the confidence to set up your homeschool for

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Solutions for Today’s Teenage Sexual Problems

The other day I was attending a very heated legislative committee meeting in Utah where changes to the way state school teachers teach about sexual health were proposed. I recognized someof the legislators were not acknowledging the real solution to the problems facing teenagers. Debate and public comments on the proposed changes went on for

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Brick Wall

Hitting Walls

There are times for all of us when we “hit walls.” These walls can be tough.Walls are really big and really heavy. To break one requires certain things. But, it is possible tobreak these walls. To do so, you need certain things. What does it look like to break a wall? And how does it relate to parenting?

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