Using TSG Skills

Support Call 10-14-20

Whole Call:   Question:   Hello Nicholeen, My husband and I have been using the TSG principles with our eight year old daughter for over a month, and she is showing great improvements in all areas of her behavior. We do have one re-occurring challenge though….when my we try to teach her new skills…like …

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How To Love a Disobedient or Wayward Child

“Is it too late for me and my child?” a single mother of a 17-year-old daughter asked me after telling me how her daughter won’t listen to her or talk to her, and is going against all the standards of her home. Just like so many other parents, this mother wanted to know if learning …

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Support Call 10-7-20

Whole Call: Question: Hello Nicholeen, You mention journaling a fair amount for your own self-government, as a keepsake for your posterity, for calm, for your children’s self-reflection. Can you please talk about how you make it a habit for Mom and what you include in your journals? Do you have a system for journaling …

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Support Call 9-30-20

Whole Call:   Question: Hello Nicholeen, When my children are having trouble with friends, I often feel extremely stressed out that the problem be resolved. I then have trouble giving my child objective advice. I used to say negative things about the situation and make my child feel worse. Now my oldest is dating, …

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Podcast 32 – Diving Deeper Into Levels of Communication

In this podcast, Nicholeen and Paije discuss the four levels of communication: what they look like, how to progress from one level to the next, why it’s important to do so, and what obstacles could arise in this process. Listen in for tips on how to “level up” in your communication game!

Support Call 9-23-20

Whole Call:   Question: I love all that I am learning and becoming with Teaching Self Government, especially that giving up control and honoring agency doesn’t have to lead to chaos… But sometimes it does. 🙂 We held the paper airplanes simulation in our family, and when we debriefed it, our kids were all …

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Support Call 9-17-20

Whole Call: Question: Hi Nicholeen, I homeschool 5 children and have a 2 year old toddler. I am introvert with a load of high energy spirited children and one ADHD child. All the talking that’s involved in homeschooling and then all the talking involved in the TSG is hard on me. I hate having …

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Good Triggers vs. Bad Triggers and Calm Communication Skills

Have you ever completely lost control of yourself and you weren’t exactly sure why? This can happen to anyone. This usually means that you’ve been triggered in some way. There’s so much talk about emotional triggers nowadays that triggers are turning into common excuses for poor behavior. Could it be that we might sometimes be …

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Podcast 29 – Is Everyone a Prepper Now? TSG and Planning Ahead

In this podcast, Nicholeen and Paije discuss the importance of being prepared and “prepping” for future situations and family relationships. Important things take time to plan ahead! What skills does it take to be ready for the future of your family? Listen in for some great “prepper tips”!

Support Call 8-26-20

Whole Call: Question: Hi Nicholeen! Just wondering if I should pull up my 10 year old daughter on ‘sighing’ when giving her an instruction? The other day I gave her an instruction and she gave an exasperated but very sublte sigh. If you had blinked you might almost have missed it. I pulled her …

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If You Love Me, Smile!

There are more sources for comedy than ever before with online video platforms, social media memes, and GIFS, yet people aren’t happier. In fact, depression and suicide statistics that are increasing all the time show us that people are sadder and more hopeless than previous generations. No program, hotline number, or amount of money or …

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Support Call 7-8-20

Whole Call:   Question: Hello Nicholeen, My question is about dinner conversation. Our conversations used to revolve around our youngest acting out at dinner, ie crying, arguing, not eating, We recently implemented the 4 skills, and the Rule of Three with consequences. We also have a family vision and a family standard. Within less …

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