TSG Principles

Podcast 36 – Rules vs. Principles

In this podcast, Nicholeen and Paije discuss the common misconception that principles are the same as rules. What sets a principle apart from a rule? Can they be paired together? Why are people confused about these things? Listen in to learn about the relationship between rules and principles! https://tsg-podcasts.s3.amazonaws.com/2020/October/TSGPodcast36-RulesVSPrinciples-Oct24-2020.mp3

Support Call 10-14-20

Whole Call: https://s3.amazonaws.com/1-SupportCalls/2020/10October/TSG_SC_10-14-20_WholeEdited.mp3   Question:   Hello Nicholeen, My husband and I have been using the TSG principles with our eight year old daughter for over a month, and she is showing great improvements in all areas of her behavior. We do have one re-occurring challenge though….when my we try to teach her new skills…like …

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Podcast 35 – Practice Does Make A Difference! Parenting Difficult Behaviors and Disorders

In this podcast, Nicholeen and Paije discuss how the way a child is parented does, indeed, affect and influence their behavior, as well as their reaction to specific genetic predispositions and situations. Is there anything you can even do to help your child that has a genetic barrier? Would it even be worth it to …

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How To Love a Disobedient or Wayward Child

“Is it too late for me and my child?” a single mother of a 17-year-old daughter asked me after telling me how her daughter won’t listen to her or talk to her, and is going against all the standards of her home. Just like so many other parents, this mother wanted to know if learning …

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Support Call 10-7-20

Whole Call: https://s3.amazonaws.com/1-SupportCalls/2020/10October/TSG_SC_10-7-20_WholeEdited.mp3 Question: Hello Nicholeen, You mention journaling a fair amount for your own self-government, as a keepsake for your posterity, for calm, for your children’s self-reflection. Can you please talk about how you make it a habit for Mom and what you include in your journals? Do you have a system for journaling …

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Podcast 32 – Diving Deeper Into Levels of Communication

In this podcast, Nicholeen and Paije discuss the four levels of communication: what they look like, how to progress from one level to the next, why it’s important to do so, and what obstacles could arise in this process. Listen in for tips on how to “level up” in your communication game! https://tsg-podcasts.s3.amazonaws.com/2020/September/TSGPodcast32-DivingDeepIntoLevelsOfCommunication.mp3

Support Call 9-17-20

Whole Call: https://s3.amazonaws.com/1-SupportCalls/2020/09September/TSG_SC_9-16-20_WholeEdited.mp3 Question: Hi Nicholeen, I homeschool 5 children and have a 2 year old toddler. I am introvert with a load of high energy spirited children and one ADHD child. All the talking that’s involved in homeschooling and then all the talking involved in the TSG is hard on me. I hate having …

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Support Call 9-9-20

Whole Call: https://s3.amazonaws.com/1-SupportCalls/2020/09September/TSG_SC_9-9-20_WholeEdited.mp3   Question: I have been implementing your suggestions from the last couple of calls. Things have been tough this week but praise God, I have stayed calm. I keep repeating, “I don’t have to be stronger than him, just calmer than him” in my head. And I’m not giving wiggle-room, being consistent, …

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Good Triggers vs. Bad Triggers and Calm Communication Skills

Have you ever completely lost control of yourself and you weren’t exactly sure why? This can happen to anyone. This usually means that you’ve been triggered in some way. There’s so much talk about emotional triggers nowadays that triggers are turning into common excuses for poor behavior. Could it be that we might sometimes be …

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Support Call 8-26-20

Whole Call: https://s3.amazonaws.com/1-SupportCalls/2020/08August/TSG_SC_8-26-20_WholeEdited.mp3 Question: Hi Nicholeen! Just wondering if I should pull up my 10 year old daughter on ‘sighing’ when giving her an instruction? The other day I gave her an instruction and she gave an exasperated but very sublte sigh. If you had blinked you might almost have missed it. I pulled her …

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Support Call 8-19-20

Whole Call: https://s3.amazonaws.com/1-SupportCalls/2020/08August/TSG_SC_8-19-20_WholeEdited.mp3 Question: I have a 17-year-old who has many issues that we are working on. My husband is incarcerated and I was in “survival mode” for a long time after his arrest. The kids had more screen time than I would have liked. Now I’ve worked hard with the younger kids to get …

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Simple Solutions for Lack of Motivation Problems

A mother recently asked me how to help her daughter feel motivated to do anything besides sit around the house. She isn’t alone. With the new quarantine lifestyle, many families are thriving with the increase of family time, personal time, and relationship-building. But, even the most involved parents can still find that their child might …

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How to Thrive When You’re Trapped Inside

Trapped! That’s what many people feel like they are right now. Many children are complaining of being bored, or worse, having way too much screen time. Stress is infiltrating more homes globally by the day because businesses are closing their doors, people are losing their jobs, bills are still coming due, social distancing is making …

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Choosing Calmness Amidst All the Stress

Why do we cater to our stresses and forget to choose calmness? After all, calmness is the only state where we truly feel safe and empowered. Stress, anger, and frustration never lead to true empowerment or peace, only emotional bondage. In 1998, when I was the young mother of a small baby and a toddler,and …

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Carving Out More Family Quality Time in a Fast-Paced World

Creating quality, loving family relationships requires discerning between what actions are really quality and what actions are nothing more than conformity to social norms. Creating these quality relationships doesn’t require elaborate planning, just time. Strong family relationships are built upon many components, such as good communication, honesty, trust, love, forgiveness, bonding, listening, shared vision, and …

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