Roles, Rights, Property and Parenting1 min read

Recently, I was asked to speak at the “Stand for the Family” conference.They requested that I give this presentation. It’s only an excerpt from a longerpresentation, but the audience was very enthusiastic about it.

Since you’re a Support Group memberand are privileged to hear most things first and often times for free, here’s the mini-class, “Roles, Rights, Property & Parents” for your listening pleasure.

Thank you for being part of the support group. Your support of this group supports me being able to go to events like this worldwide so that families and children can once again be seen as our world’s greatest asset.

Hopefullyyou’re also using this exclusive support group as you implement the principles of self-government in your home and in your own life. Join us for the weekly calls and hear answers to your parenting questions.



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