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Family Meeting Tips

Remember your family meetings! Family meetings are the core of Teaching Self-Government. If you have weekly family meetings, the whole family will stay focused on their family government. See what happens when you miss a few weeks, it’s noticeable. In my home it’s especially noticeable with Dad. He has less patience and focus as a parent when we miss our family meetings.

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The Potential Nutrition Cure for “Difficult Children”

When I started learning self-government principles years ago, I was foster parenting some difficult children, most of whom were on medication and had severe anger issues and terrible eating habits.As I started teaching them self-government skills, many of the children no longer needed their medication. Sometimes the anger issues stopped immediately, but in other children the issues re-surfaced later. With these youth I looked at another aspect of self-government: their diet.


Lights, Camera, Action… with Energy!

Many years ago I co-directed a youth theater production of Shakespeare’s “The Tempest.” On our last day of performances, we had a matinee and an evening performance. The matinee performance started under lots of stress. We were missing our stage hand, our sound person and two actresses, and everyone was stressed. The only thing we had time to do was say a prayer. We usually took time getting into character and doing energy-building exercises before a performance, but we didn’t have time that day. The play had to go on.

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Voice Tone: How Do You Sound?

Dear Nicholeen,I attended your seminar in Bountiful.I certainly had many other choices about how to use that time and I am very glad that I chose to come.I glanced at your blog the day before and because of that I took the time to speak with and hug my upset daughter before leaving, even when I thought I was already running late.I didn’t miss a thing and I was so glad that I took time for her.

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What If? —A Great Game For A Hilarious Family Activity!

“What if the Revolutionary War never happened?” “Then cows would sing at baseball games.” or “What if sausage was a health food?” “Then everyone would wear red shoes on Wednesdays.” What? Does any of this make sense to you? That’s the whole point. This hilarious game was taught to me this last week by my …

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It Doesn’t Have To Be That Way: Role Reversal

About 75 years ago, ten year old Tommy Monson had a Sunday School teacher only six years older than he was named Phyllis Bowden. Even though Phyllis was young, she knew the fundamentals of being a teacher to young children and took her role and responsibility seriously. So, when young Tommy became “quite fond of spit wads” Phyllis knew how to handle the problem. When Tommy wouldn’t stop his bad behavior Phyllis sent him to the bishop’s office to talk about the issue.


How To Control Your Emotions

Buzz, buzz! “Why won’t the flies stop buzzing around my head?” I wondered as I sat out in the mountain shade trying to digest my new book. First one, then four, all buzzing around my head. It seemed like it was a dance for them, and it looked like a dance for me. I was waving my arms every which way trying to get the pesky insects to leave me alone. I didn’t do anything to them.

Family Structure Definition: Nicholeen Peck on TV

Changing family structure can be difficult. Our parenting habits probably started in our childhood. And, even when we promised we wouldn’t do the same thing, practice the same negative parenting styles, we don’t always know a different way. There are multiples types of family structures out there to choose from.Since there are many some parents can get overwhelmed.

How do parents know if the chosen structure will actually work?

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