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What are you doing for ThanksgivingDay? Do you go to grandma’s house or do you cozy up at home? Nomatter what you do, or how large or small your group is there aresome simple fun things you can do to make Thanksgiving day fun.

In this article I am going to sharewith you some old traditions and some new fun ideas that you mightwant to try out this year.

Oldies But Goodies

Each year ourfamily writes with fabric markers on our Thanksgiving tablecloth. Wedraw pictures and write words describing what we are thankful for.But, drawing pictures is our favorite. Then we add the date ofcourse.

For years ourfamily has had a turkey shoot on Thanksgiving day. No, we don’t ownturkeys and we don’t actually shoot any birds that day, but we doshoot clay pigeons and targets. The Thanksgiving group goes up intothe hills to a designated target area and shoots. This year we willalso shoot up all the left over pumpkins from our garden. Goodcompost. I know this doesn’t sound like a little child activity, butwe teach gun safety at out house and we have BB guns for the littleones. Everyone has ear plugs, safety glasses and a good family time.Knowing how to follow instructions and accept no answers is a mustfor this type of tradition.

We love startingour holidays off on Thanksgiving. So, in between the meal and thepie we make gingerbread houses. It is a fun family activity andprovides entertainment for a long time.

New Fun

Pie for breakfast.I don’t know about you, but I am almost always too full to have thepie. So, this year we are eating pie first; for breakfast.

Our day will golike this: Pie for breakfast, turkey shoot and meal prep, games andgingerbread houses, and then pie again. Fun filled family day.

What groupactivity games are we playing? These are fun games for all ages.

Hula HoopGroup: In this game we all stand in a circle holding hands. Twopeople put their hands through a hula hoop and hold hands. Then inone minute we try to see how fast we can get the hula hoop around thewhole group without anyone letting go of anyone else’s hand. Such alaugh.

Pencil Pool:I got this game from my friend Sheri. So, you put an empty widemouth jar on the kitchen floor and then from a chair or the counteryou drop a new pencil on it’s eraser. It will bounce. The idea isto get the pencil into the jar. When you get good at it, you can seehow many pencils you can get in a single turn. So many variationsare possible.

Pencil Flip: Howmany pencils can you catch in 60 seconds? Here are the rules.Balance one pencil on the back of your hand. Then flip your hand upand catch it before it hits the ground. Then, repeat the processbalancing two, then three, then four etc. pencils on one hand andcatching them. Some people can catch a dozen pencils. Wow!

Dice Stack Up: Everyonegets one Popsicle stick. On each person’s turn they are given fivedice. When the clock starts for 60 seconds they put the Popsiclestick in their mouth and stack the five dice in a tower on the end ofthe stick. To complete the task you have to balance the dice towerfor a full three seconds. It sounds easy, but it really isn’t. Itis amazing how much a mouth moves when you think you are keeping itso still.

Flipper Ball: Thisis a team sport. In a team of two or more see how many times you canhit the ping pong ball with a swimming flipper before the ball goesflying. This game takes control and team communication, but it is ablast!

Hereare some other fun “Minute To Win It” type games we might trythis year. These games are great fun for all ages. Even if youaren’t playing they are hilarious to watch.

Havefun with your family this year. In my family we are thankful forlaughing. We love laughing and playing together with each other as afamily. I can’t wait to try out these fun games out.

Nomatter what you do this Thanksgiving, focus on family. Family is oneof the greatest blessings we have.

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