2019 Black Friday Cyber Monday

Black Friday through Cyber Monday deals 2019

Black Friday and CyberMondayare here! Here are the deals we’ve got for you this year that will be good Friday November29th through Monday December 2nd: Summary: 50% off Digital Products Extra $250 off Parenting Mastery in February 2020 25% off all physical materials including packages! 50% offall digital products*. This includes ourImplementation Coursewhich is a …

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Have Yourself a Calm Little Christmas! Here are the 2018 Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals…

Black Friday/CyberMondayare here! Check out these 2018specials. (Only good Friday, Nov. 23 through Monday, Nov. 26.) Have yourself a calm little Christmas Summary: 25% off all children’s books and journalsmix and match. Free Cue Card set with new Calm Parenting cardwith every order of $30 or more. (Excluding events and digital only orders.) Free Power …

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Kenyans Show Gratitude For Self-Government Teachings: Our Report

“You have blessed our lives and our families so much.” “Thank you so much for coming to teach us! You have to come back. Kenya is a big place. We need more teachings like this.” “I have to admit that I never thought anything good ever comes from America. You have proven me wrong. This …

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How is Teaching Self-Government Changing the World?

Dear Teaching Self-Government Friends, Every year we’ve tried to do a “State of Teaching Self-Government” update for you. So much has been happening that we feel like it’s time for one of those updates — even though it’s not January yet. Ever since people started asking us to talk to them about the self-government principles …

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I Have Some Reporting To Do!


This video is a report of whatteaching self government has been doing lately to help teach the world self-government.And I give you a FREE gift at the end.

As you may already know, the book Parenting AHouse Untied has now been translated into Chinese. I am waiting to hear from publishers and people associated with the Chinese governnment about getting the book out to the Chinese people.

What you may not know is that the book is also tr


Announcing: “Porter Earns A Quarter”

If you loved Londyn LaRae Says Okay, you will be excited to know that the second book in the Teaching Self-Government children’s series is almost here. It is in production right now and be available for pre-sale soon.

The release date is sheduled for November. Just in time for Christmas!

In this book, Londyn’s brother Porter whines and pouts whenever he gets a no answer or something doesn’t go his way. Everyone in the st

It’s Finally Arrived! Londyn LaRae Says Okay!

[video:] See the book and hear what Londyn and Porter think about it. This book about teaching children self control has been a year in the making, but it is finally ready to own. Comments about how wonderful the book is keep rolling in each day.

Some parents say their children beg for it over and over again. Others say their children are happy to see another family using the Four Basic Skills.

The most common response I get from parents is:

Spring 2011 553

Nicholeen’s New Book For Kids!

Have you ever had one of those creative conversations with your children where you all get so excited that the talking never seems to stop and the energy feels almost electric? Well, my children and I had one of those days this last spring and from that conversation, Londyn LaRae Says Okay!, a children’s picture book, was born.

family playing outside

Family Night Ideas: Our Top Ten Affordable Activities

10 Favorites for Family Night

Family activity nights are big deals at our house! Not that we spend a lot of money or anything, but we do keep them a big priority. We know that having regular family activities keeps our family relationships fresh. The night gives us something to talk about and look forward to.

Here are is a list of our top ten activities which don’t really cost anything:

1- “Knock Your Socks Off”