TSG Support Group! Now READY!1 min read

For Families Who Want Support While Teaching Self-Government!

I have been teaching self-government principles & skills for almost 14 years now. This whole time I have hadtwo goals.To help people understand self government principles and to present the principles in a way that families can easily adopt them to family life.

I started by making audio classes and speaking. Then I wrote books and made an Implementation Course. Recently we have added Couples’ Retreats too. (Mark YourCalendars for May 9-11, 2013 –Signs up will be ready in a few days) Along those lines, we will have other in depth trainings in the future.

Today is one of those exciting days for Self-Government teaching families everywhere! We are finally done with our newest way to help families. We have made a TSG Support Group!

If you want to be a part of this group, and get TSG support from Nicholeen and other families, then click here!

Teaching Self-Government is not just a child behavior modification program for defiant child behavior problems like oppositional defiance disorder,child anger issues, depression, attention seeking, disobedience, dishonesty, teasing, lack of focus,manipulation,etc. This method of family communication is that and much more. The program focuses on changing the heart of the child, by changing the heart and communication in the famliy. The heart changing environment in the home is based on having the correct tone and structure for self-government to be learned and for the family to be united.


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