How is Teaching Self-Government Changing the World?4 min read

Dear Teaching Self-Government Friends,

Every year we’ve tried to do a “State of Teaching Self-Government” update for you. So much has been happening that we feel like it’s time for one of those updates — even though it’s not January yet. Ever since people started asking us to talk to them about the self-government principles and skills we were using in our home 16 years ago, our goal has always been to help one person at a time. We knew that if one person changed their heart, then the whole world could change.

Truely the power to make this world a better place starts with our own power to self-govern and to pass along what we know about the freeing power of self-government to our children, grandchildren and friends.

These are some of the things that have happened, or will be happening, this year to help us reach out to one heart at a time.

What Has Happened:

  1. Parenting A House Unitedhas been translated into Japanese and is now in the process of being edited. This makes the third language (other than English, of course). The book is already in Spanish and Chinese.
  2. The series of children’s books finally became complete withPaije Takes The Stage.
  3. Teaching Self-Government classes have been held live in 10 states, and via the Internet Nicholeen’s classes have been heard in all 50 states and throughout Canada, Australia, Europe, Pakistan, Japan and other countries. She can’t even remember how many conferences and retreats she has attended, but always feels a day at a conference helping families is worth it.
  4. Nicholeen spoke at the United Nations and with many lawmakers about strengthening the family and protecting parental rights and a child’s right of conscience.
  5. We had our FIRST ever Teaching Self-Government Conference and TSG Mentor Training for people who want to be certified TSG mentors to teach what Nicholeenteaches.

What Will be Happening:

  1. Nicholeen and her family will be starting a Teaching Self-Government program in Kenya under the direction of the Catholic Church. She will teach Kenyans in the Family Life program how to teach parents around their country Self-Government. This is a humanitarian project that furthers the mission of TSG to promote freedom worldwide through family unity and self-government. The project is under the umbrella of The Worldwide Organization For Women. See details and videos here.
  2. Nicholeen has written a NEW book that will be released shortly. It’s a book she felt needed to be added because it’s about a principle she originally took for granted, but then she realized it seems to be misunderstood by individuals and family everywhere these days. That’s all we’re saying for now. Watch for the release in the next couple of months.
  3. Nicholeen will be speaking at the first ever United States World Congress of Families. It’ll be held in Salt Lake City, Utah Oct. 27-30. Here’s a video explaining the once-in-a-lifetime U.S. event. Here are the details.Nicholeen will speak on the first day of the conference (Oct. 27).
  4. On Oct. 30, Nicholeen will be keynoting the United For Adoption Conference — also being held in Salt Lake City, Utah. If you’re interested in adoption, or have adopted children, this is a great event to attend. See details here.
  5. Coming soon, Nicholeen will her own radio talk show program called “The Nicholeen Peck Show.”She was asked to have a radio program a while ago and decided that if it could help families, then she would do it. This forthcoming radio show will be streamed live on the Internet. If you live in Utah, you’ll be able to catch it on KTKK-AM 630 (a.k.a., “K-Talk”). More details coming soon!

As you can see, the Peck family is anxiously engaged in helping families however, whenever and wherever we can. It’s a family affair. Usually at least one of the Peck children accompanies mom at conferences and whenever she travels far. They help her train parents and send you all the things you receive in the mail.

We’re so blessed to be able to get to know so many wonderful parents and families worldwide. The precious experiences with you have made our lives beautiful.

We hope you’re enjoying making the world a better place by focusing on your family too!

From our family to yours with love,

The Pecks