Giving Your Family A Reason to Care About Family

Shut down doesn’t have to feel like shut down! Due to current restrictions caused by COVID-19, many families aren’t traveling as much as they normally do this time of year. Even local activities in many areas are still difficult to enjoy because of closures. But, that doesn’t mean we should stop having fun as a

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Talking About Nothing: Is It Healthy?

Our family loves games! We play card games, board games, outdoor games, sports, and imagination games. Sometimes we have conversations about games we play, but most of the time we talk about things of more substance such as family, improving relationships, truths we’ve found, books we’ve read, experiences we’ve had, memories we share, family history,

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Support Call 5-20-20

This Call Covers:

Doing the rule of three with teenagers

What to do when a child tries to order the parents around

Helping inspire a teen to launch into adulthood when they don’t want to

What to do first in the TSG University

How to help children overcome anxiety with difficult assignments

Changes in the new editions of Parenting a House United

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They Don’t Want to Disappoint You

When teaching and training children, many parents don’t often think about the heart and bond of the child, and how the child is processing what the parent does and says. Since children often misunderstand us and situations, then relationship disconnections occur. Parents are more dedicated to the spiritual, social, and academic success of their children

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