Love of Instructions and Reproof

Janae and Trisha both have a 12-year-old son who has a habit of being defiant. Each woman struggles with having the confidence to help her son change his behaviors during his outbursts. So why is Trisha’s son making so much more progress on staying calm and listening to her than Janae’s? Why is Trisha’s confidence …

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Support Call 8-24-18

This Call Covers:

  • Dealing with custody-related parenting problems
  • Rule of three and young children
  • Preventing parental manipulation of children
  • Does TSG make kids worse?

Support Call 8-10-18

This Call Covers:

  • Children peeing on their floor
  • Having love for your children while correcting them.
  • fixing irritable behavior
  • Helping adult children accept role

Support Call 8-3-18

This Call Covers:
  • Attention Seeking in adult children
  • Helping ADHD kids be calm
  • Correcting children who make rude comments
  • TSG and multiple mental disorders in children

Support Call 7-20-18

This Call Covers:

  • How to do road trip corrections
  • Dealing with other adults who are mad at your child

Support Call 6-29-18

This Call Covers:
  • Stoping stealing at home
  • Stopping defiant behavior in teenagers
  • Getting a non-motivated husband on board
family vacation

Traveling Trends Meet Parenting Problems

Family travel looks different these days than it used to. Today’s parents were raised in a slower time. Most families planned one or two trips a year, which were usually taken during school holidays, and in our case, in the family travel trailer. While there are still families that really don’t like to leave home …

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Support Call 6-15-18

This Call Covers:
  • Helping children be gentle with other children
  • TSG for adult children
  • Proper application of the rule of three
  • Helping children accept their own no answers
  • Helping children with a sugar addiction

Support Call 6-1-18

This Call Covers:

  • Slowly implementing TSG
  • Stoping Back-talking/implementing the Rule of Three

Support Call 5-4-18

This Call Covers:

  • Helping children become less critical of others
  • Stopping children from becoming voilent
  • Keeping children on task who struggle with focusing

Support Call 4-27-18

This Call Covers:

  • Dealing with other adults who want to correct your children
  • Helping children overcome perfectionism
  • Stopping manipulation on time out
  • Being assertive as parents

Support Call 4-21-18

This Call Covers:

  • Potty training issues
  • Helping children use self-government with each other.
  • Calming techniques
  • Dealing with the gay issues at church.

Support Call 3-30-18

This Call Covers:

  • Helping a young child with a computer addiciton
  • Rebuilding a relationship with a rebellious teen
  • How to truly master the TSG skills

Support Call 3-21-18

This Call Covers:

  • dealing with cousins with different values
  • helping a child who is prone to lots of touching
  • giving reasons for corrections

Thanks to Pre-Teaching, Melanie Sees the Future

Years ago I was participating in a sewing activity at my church. Many women had gathered at the church with their sewing machines. At this activity, there was a four-year-old girl that kept touching the knobs on the sewing machines. Her mother tried to keep her in control and punished her by putting her into time-out when she touched the machines. She didn’t stop trying to touch the machines —even though this girl was punished each time .

Support Call 3-2-18

This Call Covers:

  • Helping husbands develop more self government skills
  • How to help children not power struggle while disagreeing appropriately
  • Dealing with bullies
  • Stoping children who struggle with being violent
  • Restitution and correction of stealing

Support Call 2-23-18

This Call Covers:

  • Giving children allowances
  • Dealing with young children’s behavior in a growing family
  • How to help a power-struggling child
Family Riding Bikes

Roles, Rights, Property and Parenting

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Recently, I was asked to speak at the “Stand for the Family” conference. They requested that I give this presentation. It’s only an excerpt from a larger presentation, but the audience was very enthusiastic about it.

Support Call 2-9-18

This Call Covers:

  • Helping a child who chooses violence instead of accepting a consequence/no answer
  • Promoting focus in young children, especially those with mental impairments
  • Recommended books for familes
  • TSG with really young children
  • Teaching young boys about the proper use of violence and force.