From TV-Addicted to Time Together!

Sharon and Michael always enjoyed their downtime in the evenings watching DIY, design, and food programs. They felt like their time together as a young married couple was meaningful and educational since they both loved creative projects, and they got the “downtime” they needed at the end their busy workdays. This nightly ritual quickly became …

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Support call 12-29-21

This call covers:
Work and play described in detail.
How to get the attention of a group without raising your voice.
Can I use money from my HSA for self-government?
Suggestions about sending our son to a treatment camp.
Dropping the subject with my son addicted to porn.
Son refusing to follow instructions.

Support call 3-3-21

This call covers:
How to handle adult brother visiting
Developing a habit of praise.
Getting calm.
2 year old negative attention seeking.
Children getting off track during study time.
Major maintenance and school management.
Help staying happy.
ODD versus strong willed.

Support call 1-20-21

this call covers:
College prep for kids in high school (homeschool)
sleep independence for 4 year old.
non religious morning cannon and finding truth.
close look at scholar phase.
TJED homeschool help.
becoming a certified mentor.
play time with destructive 2 year old.
Family reading time.
encouraging listening behaviors
what kids to give attention to first when they all want it.
there is not enough time and i think I’m failing.

Support Call 11-4-2020

This call covers:
Oppositional child that might be autistic.
pushback with teachings.
limiting play time with neighbor child.
not fully trusting Childs friends.
kids mocking parent about not wanting to celebrate Halloween.

Support Call 9-23-20

This Call Covers:
How to help calm down sillies without being overbearing.
Making a vision statement for an older family

Support Call 6-10-20

This Call Covers:

Extra chore variety at home

Doing extra chores during the summer

Corrections while someone is on 24hr loss of privileges

Staying calm while working with foster children/social workers

Controlling personal trigger points

Talking About Nothing: Is It Healthy?

Our family loves games! We play card games, board games, outdoor games, sports, and imagination games. Sometimes we have conversations about games we play, but most of the time we talk about things of more substance such as family, improving relationships, truths we’ve found, books we’ve read, experiences we’ve had, memories we share, family history, …

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Parenting: A House United 2nd Edition

Is your home in crisis? Do your children never do what they are told? Do you find yourself completely overwhelmed and hating to interact with your children? Do your children treat you with disrespect and cause contention at home? Are you out of control of your emotions as a parent too? If any of these descriptions sound like your house, then you might be in crisis and you will definitely benefit from reading this book. It is written for you. This book is also written for people who don‘t want to ever have a home like I have described above and for parents who want to have an effectively communicating family right from the very beginning of parenthood.

5 Social Lessons Every Child Must Know

Come hear Nicholeen get real about what is happening in the world today and why we deeply need social skills.

Here are some favorite quotes by Nicholeen from this presentation:

“Peer interaction in a social setting is a learning experience to be discussed later with the trainer. It’s not experience itself.”

“Speaking the truth is the weapon the world needs to heal.”


Choosing Calmness Amidst All the Stress

Why do we cater to our stresses and forget to choose calmness? After all, calmness is the only state where we truly feel safe and empowered. Stress, anger, and frustration never lead to true empowerment or peace, only emotional bondage. In 1998, when I was the young mother of a small baby and a toddler,and …

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Support Call 2-5-20

This Call Covers:

Helping children develop productive hobbies

Legos and no answers

Young children and the calm down spot

Support Call 1-29-20

This Call Covers:

Nicholeen talks about mental health

Helping you children get good friends

Setting boundaries with friends


The Artificial Extension of Childhood

Are we holding our children back?In the past 80-100 years, society has started holding children back with an artificial extension of childhood instead of empowering them forward toward purpose and adulthood. Thomas At age 12, Thomas Edison convinced his parents to allow him to leave home in order to sell newspapers to Grand Trunk Railroad …

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Support Call 7-24-19

This Call Covers:

Kids who won’t go to bed on their own/Bedtime behaviors

Helping older children calm down.

Young children with lots of energy

Support Call 7-3-19

This Call Covers:

Helping a child plan for the future when they don’t seem to care

Self-government and young children

Lack of self-government in teens

How to become a TSG mentor

Support Call 4-25-19

This Call Covers:

Dealing with dogs

Hyperactive children

Teenagers growing up

Doing the four basic skills

Dad playing airplane with daughter

Fun… So Important!

Fun is so important for good personal and family health.Every Sunday we choose a family activity to do together sometime thatweek.My children also set a fun goal for the week with their father.He asks about their goal and makes sure they accomplish it. It’s great relationship-building time with their dad.

Support Call 10-12-18

This Call Covers:
  • Figuring out correction differences between spouses
  • Proper tolerances for bad behavior
  • Teaching Self-government to toddlers