Support call 1-12-22

This call covers:
Son sneaking screen time.
Child refuses to accept 24 hour loss of privilege’s.
Child using “baby voice” often.
Rule of three question.
Where to start when kids think they don’t need TSG.
Helping child cultivate work ethic and engage in work.
Relationships and vision.
Son possibly manipulating when going to calm down spot.
Helping child with self esteem.

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One Easy Way To Increase Emotional Maturity In Children

Sadly, teaching strategies for proper social and emotional health are often unorganized and conflicting. Parents are left feeling like they need to choose between teaching children to have self-control and teaching children to be emotionally heard. These choices seem like opposites to most people. But, to a person who has true emotional intelligence, both of

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Children, The Sexual Target?

We can’t afford to serve two masters anymore because our children’s hearts and minds are a prize to be won. For years now, society and media have dually honored both animalistic sexual license as well as humanely nurturing the innocence of children and admiring the goodness of God. Unsurprisingly, basic nurturing and some of God’s

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Support call 10-20-21

This call covers:
Suspicions about son having a problem with masturbation.
Having a hard time keeping 3 year old calm.
Daughter wanting to be gender neutral and have people call her a different name.
Daughter lashing out and yelling at me in public.
How to implement TSG with a 2 year old.
The best order to implement TSG.
What to tell your own kids regarding family wanting to be called different pronouns.

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A Global Need For Authentic Grandparents

Authentic grandparents who actively engage with their children and grandchildren establish a foundation of security and hope for the younger generations that can’t be found elsewhere. Grandpa had a boat and regularly took me and the rest of his large family out for rides and on water-skiing trips. These were fun memories, but one boating

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Support Call 10-6-21

This call covers:
Child running away and having technology addictions.
Child dealing with suicide of a friend.
Strong willed child being not good and 4 basic skills.
Child being disrespectful with facial expressions.
Coaching soccer team for young children and wanting to teach them some self-government.
Question about social training.

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Combating the Loneliness Epidemic

When was the last time you felt lonely? In order to thrive during these socially unusual times, and even times that aren’t unusual at all, it’s important to understand the difference between being alone and experiencing real loneliness, and what we can do to combat the loneliness epidemic that seems to be sweeping many countries.

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Stand Out & Speak Up – Self-Government Principles For Our Day! (Curriculum)

Parents and school administrators have requested that I make a short, free curriculum that parents can use to help their children navigate some of the social issues children are often forced to encounter at young ages. This curriculum is basic but deep, and it’s a principle-based lesson plan to help parents prepare their children to

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Support call 5-19-21

This call covers:
16 year old wanting to know where to start with school stuff.
how to handle a job with being out of instructional control.
how to go on with the rest on the family if one child is out of control.
daughter loves writing but might be getting into some questionable things.
how to implement the family standard.
almost 18 year old wanting to be an adult and do her own things that go against the family.

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Support call 5-12-21

This call covers:
Child not accepting no and hitting.
Disagreeing appropriately everyday to stay in bed.
Child spending to much time on the computer.
Homeschool in the summer.
motivating children to stay calm.
how to help with love of learning phase when children are in public school.
child came out as gay and in undermining our family system.
child been out of control for 4 days.

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Is Critical Race Theory Hurting Our Children?

Chris W. shared this shocking story with me about his experience last week with his son at a California park. “My son and I were playing soccer at a park in the bay area of California. Multiple African American boys came up to my son and started punching him in the head for no reason.

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Support call 5-5-12

This call covers:
2.5 year old elf-stimulating.
Children being dishonest while on 24 hour loss of privileges.
Anxiety and defiance with medical personal.
Wife wanting to communicate calmly and husband being worried about have it to cover his feelings.
how to get calm after being angry.
child being negative about everything even fun things.
what to do when you can tell a child is really trying to be calm.
what to do regarding mentors for scholar children.
child seems to accept consequence, but then does the chore really slow.

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Hurting or Helping Children | The Battle For Hearts And Loyalties

Think of the voices that surround our children. Voices leading children to love money, God, family, power, popularity, prestige, entitlement, activism, intellectual achievement, personal worth, truth, pleasure-seeking, time wasting, productivity, industry, judgment, despair, and more.   It’s easy to see how some of these voices mislead and hurt a child’s potential. Yet, these voices oftentimes

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Narcissism, The New Normal?

Even though there seems to be more self-absorbed people around us than ever before, calling someone a narcissist may miss the mark. In fact, many people who seem to possess narcissistic behavior, might just be prideful. There is a difference. People all over the world share their relationship struggles and personal development goals with me

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Support call 1-13-21

This call covers:
Helping children get calm.
Creating set no answers.
Helping children remembering to check back.
Homeschooling methods and fears.
Explaining set no answers (making messes and cleaning them up) to children.
setting boundaries with teens who have boyfriends, and older siblings roles.
husband having anger problems.
Family meeting troubles.
Teaching toddlers TSG.
Building trust with technology.
Helping children recognize emotions V.S feelings.
constantly nagging children.
feeling hopeless about your family.

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“I Love You No Matter What”

Children need to feel love from their parents more than ever before. And, our neighbors need love too. That unconditional, deep and abiding love will help our children weather the storms of life. Love is the truth that fills the soul and gives life hope and meaning. Maybe, during this time of social and political

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Support call 12-30-20

This call covers:
Media addiction.
Rule if three transition.
practical intelligence.
bed time rough housing.
disagreeing appropriately problems.
Nap time.
compounding chores.
negative attention seeking about skin.
talking to children about future relationship with family.
pointers on seeking to understand.
when to start rule of three.
game motivation.

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