Principle vs Practice For Family Unity
Young man and woman have quarrel in kitchen

Principle vs Practice For Family Unity

An exasperated woman, whose marriage was falling apart, said to me, “Nicholeen, my husband is obsessed by principles. He keeps telling me that I don’t understand principles and that I’m…

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Mission By Example

I was sitting on the couch today going over plans for our next trip when my six year old daughter, Londyn, sat down next to me and said, "We have to go to Virginia because you want to make the world better, don't you? Not just our family, but other families too." I said, "Yes" and smiled. I didn't need to say anything else. It was very clear to me that she had developed an understanding of my mission. As a family, we talk about mission a lot. We try to analyze what other people's missions might be. We talk about what kinds of skills we need to develop to find our personal mission

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