A Global Need For Authentic Grandparents

Authentic grandparents who actively engage with their children and grandchildren establish a foundation of security and hope for the younger generations that can’t be found elsewhere. Grandpa had a boat and regularly took me and the rest of his large family out for rides and on water-skiing trips. These were fun memories, but one boating …

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Podcast 52 – Grandparents and TSG

In this podcast, Nicholeen and Paije discuss how TSG applies to grandparents and grandparenting. Whether you’re the parents and are struggling getting your own parents or in-laws on the same page as you or you’re the grandparents and want to have more structured time with your wonderful grandchildren, Teaching Self-Government has skills and advice for …

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Child with hand to ear

Don’t …

A lot of children have selective hearing; have you noticed? Some of this selective hearing is planned and some isn’t. They really don’t hear us correctly sometimes. We can do something to make sure this doesn’t happen as often. Have you ever said don’t run down the hall, and the first thing your child does is run down the hall? My mom used to say to me, “Don’t talk back to me.” The first thing I did after this instruction was talk back to her. Strange. It is never a good idea to start an instruction with the word don’t, because whatever you say after don’t might be