The Death of Diplomacy And The Impact On Children

Diplomacy is dying. MSN’s Feb 18, 2022 article called, “Is This The Year Of The Angry Parent? The GOP Hopes So,” talked about how parent anger about masks and social issues was helping the GOP and causing a problem. Yahoo News declared, “A parents’ revolt is currently sweeping the nation,” in their Feb 18, 2022 …

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Podcast 43 – Families VS Factions

In this podcast, Nicholeen and Paije discuss the difference between factions and families and why the family is under attack from factions, whether outside the family unit or from inside the family. Many global unifiers have been influenced by factions from many different groups. How can the family stay close together and not be affected …

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“Choose Not to Be Harmed”

One day my father told me something so profound that it literally changed my social life and my personal empowerment forever. After I finished telling him about how another child at school had been mean to me, he said, “Nicholeen, sticks and stones may break your bones, but words will never hurt you.” I’m guessing …

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