Support Call 10-7-20

This Call Covers:
Presenting TSG concepts to older children
Teens who just stay in bed
Helping children do medical treatments when they don’t want to
Correcting attitude problems
Reigning older children in on tech use

Support Call 9-30-20

This Call Covers:
Help for parents who are feeling overwhelmed
Starting TSG with “hard” teenagers
Punishment vs. Correction for children with disabilities
Following the TSG scripts
Extra chores for children who won’t do them
Helping older children with friend problems and proper boundaries

Support Call 9-23-20

This Call Covers:
How to help calm down sillies without being overbearing.
Making a vision statement for an older family

Support Call 9-17-20

This Call Covers:
Being an introverted parent with very energetic children
Helping teenagers learn respect
Helping children not masturbate at a young age
Differentiating between family ties and need to agree with others
Verbal abuse among siblings
Creating proper tone and boundaries with a spouse

Support Call 9-9-20

This Call Covers:
Teenagers and the rule of three
Homeschooling and schedules
Correcting other people’s children when in authority
Bringing teens to TSG conferences

Good Triggers vs. Bad Triggers and Calm Communication Skills

Have you ever completely lost control of yourself and you weren’t exactly sure why? This can happen to anyone. This usually means that you’ve been triggered in some way. There’s so much talk about emotional triggers nowadays that triggers are turning into common excuses for poor behavior. Could it be that we might sometimes be …

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Support Call 8-26-20

This Call Covers:
Helping children keep a calm voice, face, and body
Older children who are bullies
The Rule of Three
Reinvigorating your TSG efforts

Support Call 8-19-20

This Call Covers:
Dealing with though teenagers
Children who struggle in school
Helping children understand masks in a pandemic

Support Call 8-12-20

This Call Covers:
Children going out of control
Helping teens with anxiety/depression
Separating activities between children based on age

If You Love Me, Smile!

There are more sources for comedy than ever before with online video platforms, social media memes, and GIFS, yet people aren’t happier. In fact, depression and suicide statistics that are increasing all the time show us that people are sadder and more hopeless than previous generations. No program, hotline number, or amount of money or …

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Support Call 8-5-20

This Call Covers:
Children hitting
Helping children with depression/anxiety
Homeschool and meetings
Social media and teenagers

Support Call 7-22-20

This Call Covers:
Helping Teenagers with FOMO
Healing relationships with older children
Teaching good work ethic
Correcting children when they get involved with morally questionable ideas
Helping a spouse get refocused on TSG

Support Call 7-15-20

This Call Covers:
What to do when your children are out of control, but still have appointments to go to
How parents change for older children
Helping older children develop social skills
Mission-focused scheduling

Support Call 7-8-20

This call covers:

Appropriate dinner conversation

Boundaries and discussing roles with neighbors

Older teens who don’t want to follow family rules

Bossy children

Support Call 7-1-20

This call covers:

Helping children exposed to radical ideas on the internet

Helping young children with depression

Children fighting at bedtime

Learning when to use different TSG skills

Youth learning development and schedules at home

Success Stories!

Giving Your Family A Reason to Care About Family

Shut down doesn’t have to feel like shut down! Due to current restrictions caused by COVID-19, many families aren’t traveling as much as they normally do this time of year. Even local activities in many areas are still difficult to enjoy because of closures. But, that doesn’t mean we should stop having fun as a …

Giving Your Family A Reason to Care About Family Read More »

Support Call 6-24-20

This Call Covers:

Helping siblings solve disputes

Anxiety and pets

Manipulation during correction

Success Stories!

Support Call 6-17-20

This Call Covers:

Developing a family economy

Learning to become a strict parent

Teaching children about money management

Stoping bitting

Changing to TSG later in life

Youth groups and bullying

Success Stories!