Teens (Youth)

Support call 9-1-21

This call covers:
Friend versus family time.
Young adult wanting to improve parent child relationship with clear boundaries.
Family vision question.
Daughter wanting eating disorder therapist.
Earning positive consequences.
22 year old feeling to old for school and not knowing how to move on.
Being exhausted with correcting all the time.
Question about time frame for going out of control.
How to teach understanding the times to my kids.
Child not being able to process the rule of three but being to large to physically take to calm down spot.
Children being competitive with each other ( “I’m better then you”).
Motivating children to be ok at school without mom.

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Support call 8-25-21

This call covers:
Kids having a heard heart during corrections.
Not wanting to give child money for school we don’t like the values of.
3 year old having trouble with role play.
What a fragile person looks like and how to handle it.
Spanish second edition of house United.
Doing TSG with friends.
Young children not wanting to leave moms side.
Fragile husband affecting daughters fragileness.

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Support call 8-18-21

This call covers:
Kids testing the system and earning lot of chores.
Balancing friend time.
Child “not caring” if they earn chores and being oppositional.
Question about whining and craziness before bed.
Helping children calm down from big emotions.
24 hours loss of privilege’s seems overwhelming to my son.
Not wanting to do the rule of three because son is always doing it.
After calming down in the calm down spot son makes excuses why we was not calm.
Girls having arguments about sharing a room.
Question about personal healing.
Children attending seminary.
Encouraging husband to be kind to the children.

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Raising Daughters Into Strong Women A Different Way

My views have changed. During my teen and young adult years, I thought that women needed to do everything men did, and women did, in order to be strong. But, now that I have seen every dimension of womanhood firsthand, I see that my views of women and myself lacked depth and understanding when I

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Support Call 8-4-21

This call covers:
23 month old not wanting to talk.
Child leaving house without permission and it’s not the first time.
Child having something they are not supposed to.
dealing with disappointment after having a life long dream.
implementing chores.
explaining entitlement.
wanting to connect with a child who is isolating.
children were doing good with TSG but are now testing the system.
Bisexual son showing to much PDA around family.
5 year old with a temper.
dipper change time.

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Support call 2-6-23-21

This call covers:
Child going out of control and staying out of control and not even trying to get back in control.
Getting your kids into university after homeschooling.
being able to tell if your Childs threats are worth taking action on.
family activities with adult children that don’t want to participate but still live at home.
Talk about what a paradigm shift is.
how to pick a school.
How to do a fresh start with TSG after falling out a little.
When grace comes into play.

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Stand Out & Speak Up – Self-Government Principles For Our Day! (Curriculum)

Parents and school administrators have requested that I make a short, free curriculum that parents can use to help their children navigate some of the social issues children are often forced to encounter at young ages. This curriculum is basic but deep, and it’s a principle-based lesson plan to help parents prepare their children to

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Support call 6-16-21

This call covers:
Advise for a child that seems to be choosing the opposite of what was taught.
Earning back privilege’s.
Help with step children.
Reinforcing no privilege’s during rule of three.
Child making plans with friend without talking to parent.
Video game time.
One child keeps her side of the room super dirty.
Helping child have a change of heart.
Bedtime for different ages.
Negative attention seeking in car.
Watching too much TV.
Child refusing to chare her work.

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Mixed Messages About Anxiety & Fragility

The subject of anxiety can be confusing. Anxiety seems to be part of everyday conversation these days. I’ve heard some people shake their heads and call anxiety a “contagious, modern epidemic,” and yet I’ve seen many real, intense anxiety attacks that leave people worn out and hopeless. Some people say that anxiety is something a

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Support call 5-26-21

This call covers:
How to improve family relationships.
not having a manly/cool laugh.
“going off course”
feeling burnt out with homeschool.
boundaries at an ex-husbands house.
children wanting to do things with friends but i don’t trust them.
praising help.
keeping children focused during family work time.
child bossing parent around.
setting boundaries with other adults.

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Support call 5-19-21

This call covers:
16 year old wanting to know where to start with school stuff.
how to handle a job with being out of instructional control.
how to go on with the rest on the family if one child is out of control.
daughter loves writing but might be getting into some questionable things.
how to implement the family standard.
almost 18 year old wanting to be an adult and do her own things that go against the family.

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Support call 5-12-21

This call covers:
Child not accepting no and hitting.
Disagreeing appropriately everyday to stay in bed.
Child spending to much time on the computer.
Homeschool in the summer.
motivating children to stay calm.
how to help with love of learning phase when children are in public school.
child came out as gay and in undermining our family system.
child been out of control for 4 days.

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Is Critical Race Theory Hurting Our Children?

Chris W. shared this shocking story with me about his experience last week with his son at a California park. “My son and I were playing soccer at a park in the bay area of California. Multiple African American boys came up to my son and started punching him in the head for no reason.

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Support call 5-5-12

This call covers:
2.5 year old elf-stimulating.
Children being dishonest while on 24 hour loss of privileges.
Anxiety and defiance with medical personal.
Wife wanting to communicate calmly and husband being worried about have it to cover his feelings.
how to get calm after being angry.
child being negative about everything even fun things.
what to do when you can tell a child is really trying to be calm.
what to do regarding mentors for scholar children.
child seems to accept consequence, but then does the chore really slow.

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