Social Skills

Support Call 2-26-16

This call covers:

  • Helping youth ages 12-16 keep their boundaries when in a group together and being kind to one another.
  • Dealing with young daughters that go from best friends to worst enemies.
  • Both parents work full time and cherish every moment with their children. Wonderingif homeschooling would be a good choice.
  • Getting age 18 daughter to stop procrastinating and being late to and with things.
  • Started a Commonwealth school, but has allowed it to take over the rest of life and looking for a way to fulfill responsibilities at the Commonwealth and at home.
  • Just attended Parenting Mastery Retreat and realising that our tolerances are too high. Also, having a hard time keeping track of every consequence earned. Thoughts?

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Support Call 2-12-16

This call covers:

  • How to correct someone else’s child when in a group.
  • Comparing points of certain psychology to TSG: what’s right and what’s a little off.
  • Helping my son become more attentive and less distracted.
  • Catching my 15-year-old daughter with junk food in her room and stealing money to buy junk food. It’s all she’ll eat.

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Support Call 1-22-16

This call covers:

  • Sometimes people ask my opinion about parenting. Most of the time they just want a “quick fix.” What can I tell them?
  • “Work is the antidote for a sick character.” What if all you do is work? Then, isplaythe antidote?
  • Son is 13 and in puberty, but he shows no empathy for others around him. How can that be fixed?
  • 4-year-old daughter is picky about clothes and won’t wear anything she doesn’t like. This gets expensive and frustrating. What to do?
  • I have a 16-month-old granddaughter who loves to get into things. She doesn’t like no answers. How can I help her accept no answers at such a young age?

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Support Call 1-24-14

Friday’s call was full of so many good questions! Here they are:

  • If someone walks away during the Rule of Three, do they immediately earn a total loss of all priviledges?
  • My son has ADHD and I have a light case of ADD. He doesn’t know he has it yet, but I’m hesitant to tell him. He gets angry easily and doesn’t like the Rule of Three. Is it okay to give him time to calm down before starting the Rule of Three?
  • What is it with 11-year-olds? They seem to be the focus of a lot of the questions. I have an 11-year-old and I need to know what to do besides accept hard knocks. What would would you suggest?
  • I want to have a Mentor Session with my ADHD son, but my husband thinks it wouldn’t go well. How would I run the Mentor Session and should I have one?
  • My daughter stole out from midnight until two. Therefore, I didn’t let her go to a dance the next night. She was given an iPod and she has now bought herself one as well. She has accounts on it that are not good and she didn’t receive permission for those or the iPod itself. I’ve thought of multiple consequences for this. I’m usually fine if she tells me, on her own, that she’s made a mistake. But if I find out on my own, it bugs me a lot. What should I do?
  • My 4-year-old son lost his movie priviledge and doesn’t care that it’s gone. I wasn’t quite sure what to do. If I took him to Time Out, is it okay to hold him there?
  • My son is often out of instructional control. When he is, he thinks he can do whatever he wants. He’s gone for 9 days of being out of control before. He teases his siblings and likes “talk time” because that is his love language. How would you recommend I handle this?
  • How do I bring together my job and my mission?
  • What can I do to teach my 14-year-old daughter and myself social skills? Also, others are judging my decisions for schooling.

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Support Call 12-13-13

This call covers:

  • How to help children with a lack of interest in going to church
  • How do I train an 18-month-old to accept No answers?
  • How can I get answers to prayer?
  • The importance of eye contact.
  • Connecting while correcting
  • Staying up too late and modesty in age 17 daughter
  • Fighting: when to and when not to
  • When is friend time good and when is it bad? How do I know when it’s been too much?

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Stressed Out To Chilled Out ~ My True Story

I am not a stress out type person. My part ‘yellow’ personality usually keeps me rather laid back and happy no matter what troubles come my way. This has been a blessing many times in my life. But, I can feel stress, and sometimes I do. Here is my story of how I conquered the worse case of stress I have had.

Stress And Anxiety Symptoms

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Bodies For Sale! Teaching Modesty

“…Everyone is selling something,” I said as I talked to a young girl one evening.

Her mother had just made a comment about how the outfit the girl was wearing was “too revealing” and so she would need to go change it. The fifteen year old girltilted her hip and rolled her eyes as she smirked at her mom. This smile meant, “I don’t care what you say.

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Improving Self Esteem: How To Build Self Confidence In Children

A Mother’s Question About Building Self Esteem In Children

Emma said to me at bedtime that she thinks that she’s ugly. I’m not exactly sure where she heard this since I’m always telling her how cute she is, but what would you say to your kids if they said that?”

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How To Stop Getting Angry: Relaxation Breathing Techniques

“Mom, I’m going to go to Zack’s to play basketball. Is that okay?” Quinton, age fifteen, announced this morning.

I replied, “Quin, you have things to do here at home today, so I don’t think we will have time for friends until another day.”

Quin really wanted to go shoot hoops with his friend. What fifteen year old boy doesn’t?

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Support Call 11-11-11

This call covers:

  • 11-11-11! Such a fun day! And, starting presale for first Children’s book, “Londyn Larae Says Okay”
  • Instituting a “no sleep overs” policy. Age 16 son is furious about it.
  • Putting in place specific consequences for things such as running away, suicide attempts, etc.
  • What happens to 18-year-olds when they go to jail and misbehave.

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Conference Call 4-15-11

Nicholeen shares some stories about the importance of having a vision for you and your children. She is often contacted by individuals who have see in the BBC show. She tells about a girl who is lost and not sure what to do with her life and is considering apprenticing as a piercing person.

  • What if your child (or teenager) doesn’t care about the family vision or says it is stupid? That’s what seems to be happening with one of our kids.Nicholeen shares 5 ideas about vision.
  • I have a question about the content of vision. Would it be bad to make our family being in the rodeo as part of our vision?Or do I just change the vision if my children’s interests change.
  • 7 year old not calm after rule of 3 and needs to be taken out of the room. I can’t take him due to back it sends me into panic mode. He doesn’t like to be taken there. But he is attention seeking with the tantrum. 5 second rule. Power struggle mode. Soft hold. Exception to rule. Be intuitive. Special moment, counseling session. I noticed good. I noticed every so often you arent happy. I decided in order to help you be happy to do a soft hold. You are in bondage to your emotions and I am going to free you.
  • Help! I need advice as soon as possible. We just found out that our 17 year old has been drinking he was twice the legal limit and has been smoking 4 cigerettes per day. He needs to go to detox and a smoking cessation program. What do we do?
  • My 17 year old daughter makes mountains out of mole holes in regards to computer time and her social life. She will get really upset. She’s is a really good girl and the extreme is that she recently started cutting herself. Part of it is my fault since we really don’t have a structure in place for.

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Dealing with Friends part 4

How do you help your children stand up for what’s right without being “preachy” or “goody-goody”?

The most importantskill you can teach your child is how to determine what is right and what is wrong and how to choose right and stay away from wrong. This is the whole reason children need parents. If my child can’t match his outfits, doesn’t know how to do mathematics well, never changes his bed sheets, ortalks with his mouth full, it doesn’t really matter at all if he has mastered how to discern between what is right and what is wrong and chooses to follow right.

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