Support Call 8-09-2023

This call covers:

* Major House Rule Broken
* Challenges With The Calm Down Spot
* Porn and Stealing
* Continual Disruptions From 15 Year Old
* Leaving Property Without Consent
* Family Prayer & Scriptures and TSG
* Calming Techniques
* Homeschool Child’s Concentration
* Bad Bedtime Behaviors
* Seizures, Homeschool, and Overwhelm
* Socially Motivated Teen Boy

Support Call 5-03-2023

This call covers:

* Socializing Skills
* Six Years Old Girl And Private Parts
* 23 Month Old And the Power of Calm
* Scheduling Academics
* 13-Year-Old Son Issues
* Correction Length
* Toddler Throwing Things
* Chaos with spouse while implementing program
* Multiple Children And Staying Calm
* Teen Loneliness
* Son Working Full Time in Summer
* 11 Year Old Girl Struggling After School

Today’s Complexity Demands More Simplicity

by Nicholeen Peck “It’s harder for children nowadays with all of the technology and temptations and bad examples”, a mother said to me at a recent conference where I was speaking. We talked for a moment about the differences between her childhood and the childhood of her children. She was concerned. She felt lost and …

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Support call 1-11-23

This call covers:
Running After Children and Keeping Calm After A Fight and Toys
Going Back To School
Lying Husband
Accepting No Answers And Setting Boundaries
17 year Old Son
Book Club
helping baby’s accept no answers
assisting self discovery.

Support call 12-7-22

This call covers
I will break the cycle
Husband Lectures
Accepting no as a parent.
Earning vs providing extra curricular’s
Daughter in New Age Organization
Young boys searching things they shouldn’t on google.
Children parenting siblings.

Support call 6-1-22

This call covers:
Question about manipulation and rule if three.
Explaining the difference between mother and father roles as a single mom.
Getting two different stories about what happened.
Using TSG with older children.

Support call 3-16-22

This call covers:
Children getting jobs at a young age.
Children not wanting to believe what you believe.
Loss of privilege’s question.
Helping children have good posture.
respecting feelings V. pushing children.
Finding a good therapist.

Support call

This call covers:
Son having a chance to make an insurance claim but decides not to in the name of honesty.
Helping child have a change of heart.
Child struggling with her height.
Child making very strict school schedule.
Finding a note saying son is addicted to porn.
Power of connecting with the people we eat with.
Son going non-verbal when something goes wrong.
4 year old having a very hard time following instruction.
Birthday celebrations.
Son having porn problem at dads house.
Question about disagreeing appropriately.
When to go into the rule of three.
Friend needs so much advise but it can overwhelm her.
Child being scared at night.

Support call 12-29-21

This call covers:
Work and play described in detail.
How to get the attention of a group without raising your voice.
Can I use money from my HSA for self-government?
Suggestions about sending our son to a treatment camp.
Dropping the subject with my son addicted to porn.
Son refusing to follow instructions.

Support call 12-22-21

This call covers:
Setting boundaries with son that has a pornography problem.
Online gaming addiction.
Where extra chores come from.
Child justifying behavior because she is the middle child.
Autistic child taking a long time to accept his 24 hour loss of privilege’s.
More then one child not following instructions at the same time.
daughter experimenting with being gay and I feel powerless.
Rule of three question.

Children, The Sexual Target?

We can’t afford to serve two masters anymore because our children’s hearts and minds are a prize to be won. For years now, society and media have dually honored both animalistic sexual license as well as humanely nurturing the innocence of children and admiring the goodness of God. Unsurprisingly, basic nurturing and some of God’s …

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Support call 10-20-21

This call covers:
Suspicions about son having a problem with masturbation.
Having a hard time keeping 3 year old calm.
Daughter wanting to be gender neutral and have people call her a different name.
Daughter lashing out and yelling at me in public.
How to implement TSG with a 2 year old.
The best order to implement TSG.
What to tell your own kids regarding family wanting to be called different pronouns.

Support call 6-9-21

This call covers:
Young children earning their own money.
Child not wanting to do role plays.
Child keeps interrupting and doing things he was told not to do.
Child struggling with faith and keeping secrets.
Finding service opportunities.
Help with chores.

Hurting or Helping Children | The Battle For Hearts And Loyalties

Think of the voices that surround our children. Voices leading children to love money, God, family, power, popularity, prestige, entitlement, activism, intellectual achievement, personal worth, truth, pleasure-seeking, time wasting, productivity, industry, judgment, despair, and more.   It’s easy to see how some of these voices mislead and hurt a child’s potential. Yet, these voices oftentimes …

Hurting or Helping Children | The Battle For Hearts And Loyalties Read More »

Support Call 10-14-20

This Call Covers:
Helping children who want to do things “their own way”
Curbing lying with teenage children
Bible verses for TSG families
Teaching children hygine
TSG in the car/on the road

Support Call 10-7-20

This Call Covers:
Presenting TSG concepts to older children
Teens who just stay in bed
Helping children do medical treatments when they don’t want to
Correcting attitude problems
Reigning older children in on tech use

Support Call 7-15-20

This Call Covers:
What to do when your children are out of control, but still have appointments to go to
How parents change for older children
Helping older children develop social skills
Mission-focused scheduling

Support Call 7-1-20

This call covers:

Helping children exposed to radical ideas on the internet

Helping young children with depression

Children fighting at bedtime

Learning when to use different TSG skills

Youth learning development and schedules at home

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