Negative attention-seeking

The Death of Diplomacy And The Impact On Children

Diplomacy is dying. MSN’s Feb 18, 2022 article called, “Is This The Year Of The Angry Parent? The GOP Hopes So,” talked about how parent anger about masks and social issues was helping the GOP and causing a problem. Yahoo News declared, “A parents’ revolt is currently sweeping the nation,” in their Feb 18, 2022 […]

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Support call 12-8-21

This call covers:
How to be a better support for child with dyslexia.
Daughter being angry about going to see family.
Young child not wanting to be touched.
Pre planning for love of learning phase of TJEd.
How did you balance Christmas and homeschool?
What does it look like before the accept the lose of 24 hours?
Having awkward silence with people and learning to accept that.
Question about family work time.

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Support call 9-1-21

This call covers:
Friend versus family time.
Young adult wanting to improve parent child relationship with clear boundaries.
Family vision question.
Daughter wanting eating disorder therapist.
Earning positive consequences.
22 year old feeling to old for school and not knowing how to move on.
Being exhausted with correcting all the time.
Question about time frame for going out of control.
How to teach understanding the times to my kids.
Child not being able to process the rule of three but being to large to physically take to calm down spot.
Children being competitive with each other ( “I’m better then you”).
Motivating children to be ok at school without mom.

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Support call 8-25-21

This call covers:
Kids having a heard heart during corrections.
Not wanting to give child money for school we don’t like the values of.
3 year old having trouble with role play.
What a fragile person looks like and how to handle it.
Spanish second edition of house United.
Doing TSG with friends.
Young children not wanting to leave moms side.
Fragile husband affecting daughters fragileness.

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Helping Children Deal With Offensive Situations

“That girl was so rude!” a girl about age 12 said to her mother as she skated off of the roller rink. Immediately her mother started toward the mother of the “rude” girl to tell her to control her daughter and to tell the daughter to apologize for her unkindness. This mother clearly loved and

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Support call 2-6-23-21

This call covers:
Child going out of control and staying out of control and not even trying to get back in control.
Getting your kids into university after homeschooling.
being able to tell if your Childs threats are worth taking action on.
family activities with adult children that don’t want to participate but still live at home.
Talk about what a paradigm shift is.
how to pick a school.
How to do a fresh start with TSG after falling out a little.
When grace comes into play.

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Support call 6-16-21

This call covers:
Advise for a child that seems to be choosing the opposite of what was taught.
Earning back privilege’s.
Help with step children.
Reinforcing no privilege’s during rule of three.
Child making plans with friend without talking to parent.
Video game time.
One child keeps her side of the room super dirty.
Helping child have a change of heart.
Bedtime for different ages.
Negative attention seeking in car.
Watching too much TV.
Child refusing to chare her work.

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Narcissism, The New Normal?

Even though there seems to be more self-absorbed people around us than ever before, calling someone a narcissist may miss the mark. In fact, many people who seem to possess narcissistic behavior, might just be prideful. There is a difference. People all over the world share their relationship struggles and personal development goals with me

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Support call 1-20-21

this call covers:
College prep for kids in high school (homeschool)
sleep independence for 4 year old.
non religious morning cannon and finding truth.
close look at scholar phase.
TJED homeschool help.
becoming a certified mentor.
play time with destructive 2 year old.
Family reading time.
encouraging listening behaviors
what kids to give attention to first when they all want it.
there is not enough time and i think I’m failing.

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Support call 12-30-20

This call covers:
Media addiction.
Rule if three transition.
practical intelligence.
bed time rough housing.
disagreeing appropriately problems.
Nap time.
compounding chores.
negative attention seeking about skin.
talking to children about future relationship with family.
pointers on seeking to understand.
when to start rule of three.
game motivation.

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Having Self-Government During Political Drama

The political climate is pretty hot right now! Threats, scandals, verbal attacks, social unrest, corruption, and control tactics are all part of the current political scene. People are preparing for the worst no matter what the United States election turns out like. What preparations are the most effective? Preparing your own heart to be calm

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Parenting: A House United 2nd Edition

Is your home in crisis? Do your children never do what they are told? Do you find yourself completely overwhelmed and hating to interact with your children? Do your children treat you with disrespect and cause contention at home? Are you out of control of your emotions as a parent too? If any of these descriptions sound like your house, then you might be in crisis and you will definitely benefit from reading this book. It is written for you. This book is also written for people who don‘t want to ever have a home like I have described above and for parents who want to have an effectively communicating family right from the very beginning of parenthood.

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