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Meal Time

Parenting: A House United

"Parenting: A House United" is based on Nicholeen’s popular seminar series Teaching Self-Government. This book shows parents the communication skills they need to teach children to govern themselves. With t... more

Support Call 4-28-17

This call covers:

  • Asking questions and some scheduling for May.
  • Applying TSG to young children, son with a "loose mouth", and bedtime in a shared bedroom.
  • Discussing methods for correcting bad language.
  • How to do the Rule of Three with children that need to "do it over."
  • Contemplating putting oldest son in school for multiple reasons. Is it the best option?
  • Synthetic consequences for everyone? Parents need Self-Government too...
  • Fixing obnoxious behavior and helping change child's heart during the Rule of three. 

Support Call 11-4-16

This call covers:

  • Staying calm when your toddler is harmful to your newborn.
  • Managing outbursts at the dinner table from your teenager.
  • Helping your child stop correcting their siblings.
  • Maintaining the Rule of Three without punishing the rest of the family.

Dinner in a Pumpkin: Our Halloween Tradition

When I was young my mother traditionally made clam chowder in bread bowls for our Halloween dinner. It was hot, yummy and fast — which allowed us to quickly move along to the Halloween fun.... more

Support Call 1-31-2014

Friday's call was short but sweet.  We had some really good questions:

  • My daughter lies about so many things, and she seems to only care about being caught. The mess in her room is often up to our knees - she has hoarder tendencies - and I don't know how to help her over that. 
  • My oldest son is 17 and a senior in high school this year. My husband and I are concerned about his lack of gratitude and appreciation for things we do for him. 
  • We struggle with dinner time rules and etiquette.  Any thoughts?  
  • When someone is out of control, and we've done the Rule of Three, is it okay to let them read a book?