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Can A Person Control Their Emotions?

What can you really control? ~ Happiness for everyone!

             We are obsessed with control these days.  Every company, institution, agenda, and family member wants to have some sort of control over us, and we want it over them.  We want our opinions to be heard and our needs to be met.  We want the control.  Why do we want this control?  If we are in control we are happy.  Everyone is. 

Real Control! -Help For Parents

So many people ask me how to control their out of control children... A man I really admire named Jeffrey Holland said, "...the only real control in life is self control."  I couldn't agree more.  You can con... more

Is Hovering Necessary?

Hovering gives a message of not trusting.  If he thinks that you don't trust him, he will think of himself as a dishonest person based upon your behaviors.  Hovering is also a form of a power struggle. So,... more