Support Call 7-26-2023

This call covers:

* Initial Response To Negative Behavior
* ODD & Therapy
* Audiobook Recommendations
* Jealousy
* Dealing With Negative Emotions In A Healthy Way
* Teens Bossing Parents
* Feeling Hopeless
* Kids Annoying Each Other On Purpose
* ODD in Adults

Support Call 6-21-2023

This call covers:

* Misbehavior While On The Phone
* Summer Schedule
* 24-Hour Loss of Privileges Takes the Whole Day
* Success Story! Age 4 and Disagreeing Appropriately
* No Answers VS. Disagreeing Appropriately
* Teaching Disagreeing Appropriately to Young Children
* Teenage Sibling Bossy When Babysitting
* Husband Not Calm
* Role Playing “No” Answers and Corrections
* Daughter Afraid of Mother When Her Bedroom is Messy
* Age 7 Finds Joy in Blatant Disobedience & Age 10 is Bossy When Playing With Younger Siblings

Support Call 4-19-2023

This call covers:

Belief in God/Video games/ and hearing Satan’s voice
15 month old masturbating
Getting Ourselves Calm
14 Year Old Earn’t 24 Hour Loss of Privileges Not Going Well
 Meeting A Defiant Teen With Calmness
How To Use The 4 Kids Books
Using Chores to Earn Privileges
24 hr Loss of Privileges Before Family Event
Type of Children Being Raised
Dealing with A Child Who Leaves the House

Support Call 3-08-2023

This call covers:

4-year-old toilet issues
Homeschooling, disorganized home, work/money
9 yr/old that won’t make eye contact
Advice about grandparents’ visit
18-year-old daughter living at home, not working, not going to school
Incorporating TSG in Children’s Ministry
Calming down in all situations & mutism
Video game addiction and mental fracturing
Finding a media balance for the family
Praise becoming a negative trigger
Success story with children at a funeral

Support Call 2-15-23

This call covers:
Helping Son Regain Calmness
Implementing A Thomas Jefferson Education
Correction At Bedtime
Just Getting Started
Emotional Teen
Having Trouble Understanding And Staying Calm
Homeschooling With 8 Children
Love of Learner Question
Blended Family and Parental Alienation
Accepting Consequences

Support call 11-23-22

Modified rule of three.
Having high tolerances.
Son wanting father.
Children avoiding tasks.
Sibling banter.

Support call 10-26-22

This call covers:
Tone issues.
Child always seeking the next thrill.
ADHD question.
Maintaining influence in adult children’s lives.
calmness and earning chores.
Helping children resolve anger.
Restitution question.

Support call 9-14-22

This call covers:
Children feeling like they do more work then other children.
Husband hiding addictions.
Not knowing what child did what.
TSG for teens with ODD.
Child going to the bathroom for cleaning time.
Child spending super long in bathroom.

Support call 9-7-22

This call covers:
Children wanting to get paid for chores.
Family vision question.
Chores while traveling.
Soft hold question.

Support call 4-20-22

This call covers:
Multiple children needing correction at the same time.
Using every step for instructions every time.
18 month old disturbing everything with the older children.
Texting corrections and consequences.
Question about interdependence.

Support call 4-6-22

This call covers:
Helping children launch into adulthood.
Restitution for mistakes.
Scholar Projects in education.
Out of control question.
Social Goals question.
Helping siblings love each other.
refiguring chores as children’s leave the house.
Becoming a mentor.

Support call 3-9-2022

This call covers:
Helping one self emotionally and cognitively.
6 year-old not obeying at home or school.
13 year old getting distracted and bored often.
Child not doing chores and not caring about the extra chore.
Fun things to do as a family.
Children asking questions about instructions.

Support call 3-2-22

This call covers:
Daughter pouting for attention.
Inuit parenting approach.
Feeling like you need to “break” you child of something, like a habit.
6 year old with autism.
How do I get calm going through hard days?
Child being out of control for 3+ weeks.
Balancing family participation and allowing children to seclude themselves.
Things getting broken while children are out of control.
Child disregarding rules about electronics in room.

Support call 2-16-22

This class covers:
Insights on unification therapist.
Finically Supporting children through college advice.
Writing Chores on sticky notes.
Tips for pre-teaching and praising doing the task immediately and checking back.
Giving no answers all day long.
Helping my child let loose and be a good guest but not fall into peer pressure.
Son overheard parents talking and now doesn’t trust mom.
Allowed activities to do while reading.
Child has friend that has dated people of the same gender.

Support call 1-26-22

This call covers:
Question on do the task immediately.
Help with homeschool.
Problems with chores.
15 month old crying to get his way.
Couples meeting question.
Child being frustrated and then having a bad attitude.
Child going against family standard.
Teaching a Shakespeare play class to youth.
How Nicholeen structures homeschool and personal time.
Children postponing things like chores.

Supperot call 1-5-22

This call covers:
Helping children to do their chores without being asked.
Child consistently negative attention seeking in the mornings.
When a child earns an extra chore but but they are not able to do it right then.
blended family bonding.
Fear of flying.

Support call 12-22-21

This call covers:
Setting boundaries with son that has a pornography problem.
Online gaming addiction.
Where extra chores come from.
Child justifying behavior because she is the middle child.
Autistic child taking a long time to accept his 24 hour loss of privilege’s.
More then one child not following instructions at the same time.
daughter experimenting with being gay and I feel powerless.
Rule of three question.

Support call 12-8-21

This call covers:
How to be a better support for child with dyslexia.
Daughter being angry about going to see family.
Young child not wanting to be touched.
Pre planning for love of learning phase of TJEd.
How did you balance Christmas and homeschool?
What does it look like before the accept the lose of 24 hours?
Having awkward silence with people and learning to accept that.
Question about family work time.

Support call 11-17-21

This call covers:
Practicing calm down.
Children feeling like robots because of TSG.
Focusing during school time.
Very emotional child screaming any time she is corrected.
Potty training question.
Question about emotions.
Child going of with ex husband.

Support call 11-10-21

This call covers:
Managing chores with FSAD 7 year old.
Implementing rule of three with manipulative 6 year old.
Son consistently not cleaning up after himself even though he knows he needs to.
Inspiring son to stay motivated.
Kids giving input on chores they earn.
5000 hours of study to become proficient.
Child saying he is calm but is obviously not calm.
How to manage many things going on all at the same time while homeschooling.