Support call 10-27-21

This call covers:
Order of implementing TSG.
Checklists and homeschool.
When to have children do the chore.
Child being embarrassed to have his family around his friends.
Question about corrections and extra chores.
Being able to work with everyone at the same time on TSG.
Using a different instruction in the rule of three.

Support call 10-13-21

This call covers:
Picking appropriate material to watch online.
Adult child not wanting to do TSG but still living at home.
What to do about the rule of three with aggressive child on the spectrum.
Group problem solving and parenting multiple people a the same time.
Helping my children with social when I have social anxiety.
Home immediately does the chore need to happen after is is earned?

Support call 8-18-21

This call covers:
Kids testing the system and earning lot of chores.
Balancing friend time.
Child “not caring” if they earn chores and being oppositional.
Question about whining and craziness before bed.
Helping children calm down from big emotions.
24 hours loss of privilege’s seems overwhelming to my son.
Not wanting to do the rule of three because son is always doing it.
After calming down in the calm down spot son makes excuses why we was not calm.
Girls having arguments about sharing a room.
Question about personal healing.
Children attending seminary.
Encouraging husband to be kind to the children.

Support call 8-12-21

This call covers:
Strong willed child melting down when he doesn’t get what he wants.
Book and movie recommendations.
Consequence for hitting.
Feeling overwhelmed with pre-teaching all the time.
Thoughts on Kimber Academy.
Children acting up when a new family member is added.
Child feeling like being calm means not having emotions.

Support Call 8-4-21

This call covers:
23 month old not wanting to talk.
Child leaving house without permission and it’s not the first time.
Child having something they are not supposed to.
dealing with disappointment after having a life long dream.
implementing chores.
explaining entitlement.
wanting to connect with a child who is isolating.
children were doing good with TSG but are now testing the system.
Bisexual son showing to much PDA around family.
5 year old with a temper.
dipper change time.

Support call 7-28-21

This call covers:
Concerned about being harmed by foster children.
Earning privilege’s back.
Being passive aggressive toward husband.
kids having free time while mom does chores.
How to implement Self government with a toddler that we are taking custody of.
Feeling like a servant to your Childs demands.
Accepting a no for life no answers.
Daily schedule.
What to do when no-one knows who did it.

Support call 7-7-21

This call covers:
Rewards for chores (screen time)
Disagreeing appropriately versus debating.
Heart and manipulations in the rule of three.
Feeling childish while correcting.
2.5 year old always out of control and not having the energy to teach her when she’s in control.

Support call 2-6-23-21

This call covers:
Child going out of control and staying out of control and not even trying to get back in control.
Getting your kids into university after homeschooling.
being able to tell if your Childs threats are worth taking action on.
family activities with adult children that don’t want to participate but still live at home.
Talk about what a paradigm shift is.
how to pick a school.
How to do a fresh start with TSG after falling out a little.
When grace comes into play.

Support call 6-9-21

This call covers:
Young children earning their own money.
Child not wanting to do role plays.
Child keeps interrupting and doing things he was told not to do.
Child struggling with faith and keeping secrets.
Finding service opportunities.
Help with chores.

Support call 6-2-21

This call covers:
Building trust with a child that lies.
managing expectations.
picky eaters.
husband turning the TV on every night after work.
being more assertive in correcting.
helping child understand why calmness in important.
instructions during car rides.
siblings correcting each other.
son expressing concern about his tutor not being calm.

Support call 5-5-12

This call covers:
2.5 year old elf-stimulating.
Children being dishonest while on 24 hour loss of privileges.
Anxiety and defiance with medical personal.
Wife wanting to communicate calmly and husband being worried about have it to cover his feelings.
how to get calm after being angry.
child being negative about everything even fun things.
what to do when you can tell a child is really trying to be calm.
what to do regarding mentors for scholar children.
child seems to accept consequence, but then does the chore really slow.

Support call 4-28-21

This call covers:
Child going out of control and braking things daily.
Allowances for children.
help with self motivation.
Ideas for things to do since getting rod of technology.
All the product getting translated to different languages.
Fluff V. classic books.
Homeschool checklist. time not content.
Council for teen who just had a break up.
example of a good praise.

Support call 2-9-21

This call covers:
wanting peace
Not following instructions in public
how much school time should my 7 year old be doing a day?
Motivating family to keep things clean
online school and college in high school.
selfish 18 year old son.
sour attitude.

Support call 2-2-21

This call covers:
Book lists.
Helping 2 year old stay clam.
Having a comfort object in calm down time.
bottling emotions. Does TSG cause this?
SODAS as a consequence.
Tantrums at the store.
Being in the room while children go to bed.
Helping children choose self control.
Homeschool vs. public school.
Helping children see the good of SODAS.
Teens getting a job.
Timing of disagree appropriately.
Relationships with children getting worse after TSG.
Helping kids become better workers.
understood instruction so speak a certain language for the day.

Support call 12-30-20

This call covers:
Media addiction.
Rule if three transition.
practical intelligence.
bed time rough housing.
disagreeing appropriately problems.
Nap time.
compounding chores.
negative attention seeking about skin.
talking to children about future relationship with family.
pointers on seeking to understand.
when to start rule of three.
game motivation.

The Dignity of Work & The Will to Choose It

Think about Santa. He works all day every day without pay to get ready for one exciting night when he works harder than he has ever worked before in order to bring happiness. Think about Jesus. He worked every day of His mortal ministry; teaching, leading, healing, walking, serving others, and travailing to prepare Him …

The Dignity of Work & The Will to Choose It Read More »

Support Call 10-27-20

This Call Covers:
Finding good books for children to read
Creating a culture where consequences count
Helping children who identify as gay
Dealing with children who rebel

Support Call 10-21-20

This Call Covers:
Bedtime with small children
Helping a child with a superiority complex
Being out of control in front of your children
Children who over-report
Teaching small children about social cues and interrupting

Support Call 10-14-20

This Call Covers:
Helping children who want to do things “their own way”
Curbing lying with teenage children
Bible verses for TSG families
Teaching children hygine
TSG in the car/on the road

Support Call 10-7-20

This Call Covers:
Presenting TSG concepts to older children
Teens who just stay in bed
Helping children do medical treatments when they don’t want to
Correcting attitude problems
Reigning older children in on tech use