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Toddlers (0-4)

Parenting Three Year Olds: They Really Understand

Many people ask me when they should start teaching their children self government skills.  It is never too early to start talking in a deliberate, describing way or to teach the word "okay."  Even the words... more

Brave Parenting: Being Too Soft

Can parents actually be too soft?  Isn't love and affection always the answer?  If a parent isn't being soft aren't they being angry? ... more

“Mom is on the phone” ~Discipline Problem

  “I do struggle and maybe you could give me some advice.  I spend quite a bit of time with my kids in the morning going over little activities like school workbooks and story time and exercising togethe... more

Unruly Child

"My question, as it relates to the above entries and to my four year old is what to do when he will not stay in time-out (on our washer)? He will not stay there. He runs after me, screaming. I put him back - tr... more

Toddlers with Tantrums

"Where am I going wrong?!?!?!?! I had started to think that things were on the up, but lately it seems as though my daughter's behaviour has taken a nosedive. I think she's just asserting herself but I find... more

Obedience -- Inspiring a Change in Behavior

Another idea might be having a family meeting, I teach about those too, and discuss a POSITIVE motivational system for the family if everyone follows instructions the first time asked for a few days.  I have a... more