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Children (4-10)

Yes Or No? ~Parent Choices

Is it easier to tell children yes or no when they ask a question? The answer to this question could depend on what kind of person you are. Are the kind of parent who really likes to be in control of the g... more

Classroom Behavior Problems

A parent's work isn't limited to working with our own children. Sometimes we are in situations when we are in charge of other people's children. Occasions where this most likely happens are at church, when frie... more

Video Games Addiction: They Are Asking for Help

"How do you parent a child who is red/yellow when you are a white/blue? My son and I are so entirely different and he's so impulsive (almost destructive) that it completely shakes my world. I often find him... more

Too Much Play Time?-Solving the Boredom Problem

My two youngest children are best friends, and play a lot with each other.  It is so fun to see them enjoy each other.  This summer we have noticed that they are getting a bit too much play lately though. The... more

Family TV Watching: Parenting Tip

"I came across your ideas on the LDSEHE website, and have been so inspired by all of it.  I'm starting to read your book, hoping to fill in a few holes.  I really like your idea for Friday family movie nigh... more

Brave Parenting: Being Too Soft

Can parents actually be too soft?  Isn't love and affection always the answer?  If a parent isn't being soft aren't they being angry? ... more

Summer Fun for the Children; and the Parents Too!

My children have started a fun new game this Summer thanks to a very creative friend.  They play camping.  Their friend found lots of old odds and ends around the house and garage and loaded them into his wag... more

Negative Consequence Rutt: Parenting Tips

"My two oldest boys, ages 8 and 7 are really giving me a run...........I know that if I stay strong, it will all pay off. We have a family mission statement, we have a job jar, we have been roll playing. They k... more