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Podcast 97 – What To Do When They Won’t Go To Bed

In this podcast, Nicholeen and Paije (and Clara!) discuss what to do to make bedtime a smooth success. Do your littles put up a fight about going to bed? Do your older children simply disregard bedtime altogether to do their own thing? Listen in for skills and insights to transform your messy bedtime!


Age 13 – And Defiant

I once heard from a mother who was having a hard time getting her 13-year-old son on board with the family vision. The other children eagerly participated in role playing exercises of following instructions and accepting consequences, but the son wouldn’t join. He wouldn’t come for family meetings or participate in activities.

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The Illusion of Innocence Facing Today’s Children

In a world full of sexual depravity, diverse addictions, familial dysfunction, lascivious social platforms, manipulative media, and irate people of all ages, is it possible to even hope for our children to have an innocent upbringing? A routine trip through a store like Walmart, for example, can start a child’s brain processing in sexual and …

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