They Don’t Want to Disappoint You

When teaching and training children, many parents don’t often think about the heart and bond of the child, and how the child is processing what the parent does and says. Since children often misunderstand us and situations, then relationship disconnections occur. Parents are more dedicated to the spiritual, social, and academic success of their children …

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angry teen girl chores

4 Rules to Remember for When They Try to Correct You

“Is it okay for children to correct their parents?” I often get asked by parents who are hoping to be just in their parenting. My answer to them is, “Well, that all depends how and when it’s done. There is a right way and a wrong way to correct children, and for children to correct …

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2017 Uplift Families Conference

Come join Nicholeen at the 2017 Uplift Families Conference! This event is not hosted by Teaching Self-Government. The 3-fold purpose of “Uplift Families” is to 1. strengthen parent-child relationships 2. provide tools and resources that improve parenting skills 3. help children make safe and healthy choices Uplift Families Vision To promote happiness, prosperity and societal …

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