children fighting

I Have Some Reporting To Do!


This video is a report of whatteaching self government has been doing lately to help teach the world self-government.And I give you a FREE gift at the end.

As you may already know, the book Parenting AHouse Untied has now been translated into Chinese. I am waiting to hear from publishers and people associated with the Chinese governnment about getting the book out to the Chinese people.

What you may not know is that the book is also tr


Can Too Much Friend Time Hurt Children?

“Nicholeen, can my child have too much friend time? I have noticed that he begs for it all the time, but doesn’t really want to play with his brothers and sisters that much. What should I do?”

As many of you know, in my Audio seminar and book, Parenting A House United, I talk about how children usually tell you exactly what they don’t need by asking for it all the time.

Just like if my child keeps begging me for junk food, I know he needs health

“Mom is on the phone”

“I do struggle and maybe you could give me some advice.  I spend quite a bit of time with my kids in the morning going over little activities like school workbooks and story time and exercising together.  Yet the minute I get on the phone or sit down to nurse the baby, the three boys are arguing or fighting or taking toys from each other or something of the sort.  I have tried to get them to color or do a certain activity together, but that only lasts so long.  It’s