Children (4-10)

Support Call 9-23-20

Whole Call:   Question: I love all that I am learning and becoming with Teaching Self Government, especially that giving up control and honoring agency doesn’t have to lead to chaos… But sometimes it does. 🙂 We held the paper airplanes simulation in our family, and when we debriefed it, our kids were all …

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Support Call 9-17-20

Whole Call: Question: Hi Nicholeen, I homeschool 5 children and have a 2 year old toddler. I am introvert with a load of high energy spirited children and one ADHD child. All the talking that’s involved in homeschooling and then all the talking involved in the TSG is hard on me. I hate having …

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Support Call 9-9-20

Whole Call:   Question: I have been implementing your suggestions from the last couple of calls. Things have been tough this week but praise God, I have stayed calm. I keep repeating, “I don’t have to be stronger than him, just calmer than him” in my head. And I’m not giving wiggle-room, being consistent, …

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Good Triggers vs. Bad Triggers and Calm Communication Skills

Have you ever completely lost control of yourself and you weren’t exactly sure why? This can happen to anyone. This usually means that you’ve been triggered in some way. There’s so much talk about emotional triggers nowadays that triggers are turning into common excuses for poor behavior. Could it be that we might sometimes be …

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Support Call 8-19-20

Whole Call: Question: I have a 17-year-old who has many issues that we are working on. My husband is incarcerated and I was in “survival mode” for a long time after his arrest. The kids had more screen time than I would have liked. Now I’ve worked hard with the younger kids to get …

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Support Call 8-12-20

Whole Call:   Question:   Hi Nicholeen, A bit about us: We are a homeschooling family of 7 from Australia: Dad, mum, 10yr old girl, 3 boys aged 8,6 and 4 and a brand new baby girl! She is just 12 days old! I bought your course two days before I gave birth and …

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If You Love Me, Smile!

There are more sources for comedy than ever before with online video platforms, social media memes, and GIFS, yet people aren’t happier. In fact, depression and suicide statistics that are increasing all the time show us that people are sadder and more hopeless than previous generations. No program, hotline number, or amount of money or …

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Support Call 7-29-20

Whole Call:   Question: Thank you for all the support you have offered in answering my questions on previous calls. I really appreciate being able to hear answers to my questions on the call recordings when I’m unable to be on the calls. One question I have wanted to ask as I have been …

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Support Call 7-15-20

Whole Call:   Question: I am in the very baby beginning phase of starting TSG. I have only read the book and haven’t even sat the kids down to teach them the 4 basic instructions yet. But what I’ve been thinking about is our paid activities (like gymnastics, dance, horseback riding etc) and the …

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Support Call 7-8-20

Whole Call:   Question: Hello Nicholeen, My question is about dinner conversation. Our conversations used to revolve around our youngest acting out at dinner, ie crying, arguing, not eating, We recently implemented the 4 skills, and the Rule of Three with consequences. We also have a family vision and a family standard. Within less …

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Giving Your Family A Reason to Care About Family

Shut down doesn’t have to feel like shut down! Due to current restrictions caused by COVID-19, many families aren’t traveling as much as they normally do this time of year. Even local activities in many areas are still difficult to enjoy because of closures. But, that doesn’t mean we should stop having fun as a …

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Talking About Nothing: Is It Healthy?

Our family loves games! We play card games, board games, outdoor games, sports, and imagination games. Sometimes we have conversations about games we play, but most of the time we talk about things of more substance such as family, improving relationships, truths we’ve found, books we’ve read, experiences we’ve had, memories we share, family history, …

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They Don’t Want to Disappoint You

When teaching and training children, many parents don’t often think about the heart and bond of the child, and how the child is processing what the parent does and says. Since children often misunderstand us and situations, then relationship disconnections occur. Parents are more dedicated to the spiritual, social, and academic success of their children …

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Simple Solutions for Lack of Motivation Problems

A mother recently asked me how to help her daughter feel motivated to do anything besides sit around the house. She isn’t alone. With the new quarantine lifestyle, many families are thriving with the increase of family time, personal time, and relationship-building. But, even the most involved parents can still find that their child might …

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Choosing Calmness Amidst All the Stress

Why do we cater to our stresses and forget to choose calmness? After all, calmness is the only state where we truly feel safe and empowered. Stress, anger, and frustration never lead to true empowerment or peace, only emotional bondage. In 1998, when I was the young mother of a small baby and a toddler,and …

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Carving Out More Family Quality Time in a Fast-Paced World

Creating quality, loving family relationships requires discerning between what actions are really quality and what actions are nothing more than conformity to social norms. Creating these quality relationships doesn’t require elaborate planning, just time. Strong family relationships are built upon many components, such as good communication, honesty, trust, love, forgiveness, bonding, listening, shared vision, and …

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10 Lessons for Listening With Love

Much emotional agony is avoided and more relationship healing is possible when a person learns to listen with love. There were two similar conversations that had very different results. The first conversation was between a mother and her son. The son told his mother about a problem he was having with a friend, but she …

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How To Create Magical Family Memories

As I held my 15-year-old son’s hand and watched the magic of Christmas unfold around me with lights and nativity displays at the city center, I felt that date with my son was a parent’s dream come true. Who doesn’t dream of the perfect parent/child memory? We all want them, but could our desire for …

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