Teens (Youth)

Self-Governed People Train Their Focus Forward

“I think I ruined my child,” a mother told me in desperation as she explained some of the behavior problems and disconnection problems her teenage son was having. She was being honest with herself about mistakes that she might have made in her son’s upbringing. My heart ached for her. She might have unknowingly done […]

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Support call 5-18-22

This call covers:
Child having tantrums that are not age appropriate.
rule of three question.
one year old getting annoying and throwing things all the time.
Question about apologizing.
how to prepare for the future.
Question about scholar phase of learning.
Movie and game recommendations.
Game and movie recommendations.
Needing children to be accountable.

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7 Lessons Aging Mothers & Grandmothers Teach Their Families

Mom has a bad knee, but that doesn’t stop us from making multi-generational memories to last a lifetime. Months ago, when I asked Mom to accompany me on a trip to Alaska, she said, “Sure, I’ll come if you really want me to go with you. I don’t move very fast anymore because of my

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When Things Don’t Go Your Way…

As nice as it would be to have complete control over outcomes, it isn’t humanly possible. Cause and effect is a principle of life that we can usually rely upon, but sometimes there seems to be another will for our days and experiences that turns our plans upside down. Sometimes these unexpected turns can create

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Children & Teens Want to Know More From Parents: Teaching Discernment

It sometimes seems like teens don’t want to listen to adults tell them what to do or not to do, but in reality, teens and children are always hoping that adults will teach them discernment. When a person doesn’t know who to follow or what to believe morally, then that person ends up feeling lost

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Obedience To Parents Changes Hearts

As part of learning cause and effect and growing into healthy adulthood, most children occasionally test boundaries by willfully choosing disobedience or even rebelling against parents. While taking risks and being a little bit rebellious here and there are usually healthy signs of normal development toward adulthood, obedience is required for wisdom and learning, too.

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Support call 3-2-22

This call covers:
Daughter pouting for attention.
Inuit parenting approach.
Feeling like you need to “break” you child of something, like a habit.
6 year old with autism.
How do I get calm going through hard days?
Child being out of control for 3+ weeks.
Balancing family participation and allowing children to seclude themselves.
Things getting broken while children are out of control.
Child disregarding rules about electronics in room.

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Support call 2-23-22

This call covers:
Having meaningful exchanges with your youth daily.
Oppositional children being out of control for multiple days.
Blended family children not being treated fairly.
Where a child goes when the loose privilege’s.
One child “offending” another child.
Friend having same sex attraction.
12 year old pouting a lot.
Brother screaming at older sister.
disagree appropriately question.
Time management piece of parenting.

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Support call 2-16-22

This class covers:
Insights on unification therapist.
Finically Supporting children through college advice.
Writing Chores on sticky notes.
Tips for pre-teaching and praising doing the task immediately and checking back.
Giving no answers all day long.
Helping my child let loose and be a good guest but not fall into peer pressure.
Son overheard parents talking and now doesn’t trust mom.
Allowed activities to do while reading.
Child has friend that has dated people of the same gender.

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The Death of Diplomacy And The Impact On Children

Diplomacy is dying. MSN’s Feb 18, 2022 article called, “Is This The Year Of The Angry Parent? The GOP Hopes So,” talked about how parent anger about masks and social issues was helping the GOP and causing a problem. Yahoo News declared, “A parents’ revolt is currently sweeping the nation,” in their Feb 18, 2022

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Support call

This call covers:
Son having a chance to make an insurance claim but decides not to in the name of honesty.
Helping child have a change of heart.
Child struggling with her height.
Child making very strict school schedule.
Finding a note saying son is addicted to porn.
Power of connecting with the people we eat with.
Son going non-verbal when something goes wrong.
4 year old having a very hard time following instruction.
Birthday celebrations.
Son having porn problem at dads house.
Question about disagreeing appropriately.
When to go into the rule of three.
Friend needs so much advise but it can overwhelm her.
Child being scared at night.

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From TV-Addicted to Time Together!

Sharon and Michael always enjoyed their downtime in the evenings watching DIY, design, and food programs. They felt like their time together as a young married couple was meaningful and educational since they both loved creative projects, and they got the “downtime” they needed at the end their busy workdays. This nightly ritual quickly became

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Support call 2-2-2022

This call covers:
Knowing what goes inside the brain.
Scheduling time not content in homeschool.
Feeling like all you will no is correcting.
Daughters friend is bugged that she is always talking to another friend while they are hanging out.
Son doesn’t want to listen to the “robotic parenting program”
Parent constantly being in fight or flight.
Taking things personally.

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