One Easy Way To Increase Emotional Maturity In Children

Sadly, teaching strategies for proper social and emotional health are often unorganized and conflicting. Parents are left feeling like they need to choose between teaching children to have self-control and teaching children to be emotionally heard. These choices seem like opposites to most people. But, to a person who has true emotional intelligence, both of

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Support call 11-10-21

This call covers:
Managing chores with FSAD 7 year old.
Implementing rule of three with manipulative 6 year old.
Son consistently not cleaning up after himself even though he knows he needs to.
Inspiring son to stay motivated.
Kids giving input on chores they earn.
5000 hours of study to become proficient.
Child saying he is calm but is obviously not calm.
How to manage many things going on all at the same time while homeschooling.

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Support call 11-3-21

This call covers:
6 year old self pleasuring.
son avoiding family time and pulling away from religion.
what to talk about with an upcoming adult.
son earned an xbox over the summer but sends to much time on it.
Neighbor kid smoking pot.
Son distancing himself from family and religion.
Multiple out of control children at the same time.
Child being touchy out of a place of control.

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Support call 9-1-21

This call covers:
Friend versus family time.
Young adult wanting to improve parent child relationship with clear boundaries.
Family vision question.
Daughter wanting eating disorder therapist.
Earning positive consequences.
22 year old feeling to old for school and not knowing how to move on.
Being exhausted with correcting all the time.
Question about time frame for going out of control.
How to teach understanding the times to my kids.
Child not being able to process the rule of three but being to large to physically take to calm down spot.
Children being competitive with each other ( “I’m better then you”).
Motivating children to be ok at school without mom.

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Support call 8-25-21

This call covers:
Kids having a heard heart during corrections.
Not wanting to give child money for school we don’t like the values of.
3 year old having trouble with role play.
What a fragile person looks like and how to handle it.
Spanish second edition of house United.
Doing TSG with friends.
Young children not wanting to leave moms side.
Fragile husband affecting daughters fragileness.

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Helping Children Deal With Offensive Situations

“That girl was so rude!” a girl about age 12 said to her mother as she skated off of the roller rink. Immediately her mother started toward the mother of the “rude” girl to tell her to control her daughter and to tell the daughter to apologize for her unkindness. This mother clearly loved and

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Support call 5-26-21

This call covers:
How to improve family relationships.
not having a manly/cool laugh.
“going off course”
feeling burnt out with homeschool.
boundaries at an ex-husbands house.
children wanting to do things with friends but i don’t trust them.
praising help.
keeping children focused during family work time.
child bossing parent around.
setting boundaries with other adults.

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3 Ways to Deepen Family Bonds and Increase Emotional Understanding

There is a myth that parents from past generations didn’t understand or care about the feelings of their children as much as they should have or as much as modern parents do. This isn’t true. I’m never a fan of putting whole generations of people into boxes just because there are a few horror stories.

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Support call 4-21-21

This call covers:
Taking initiative to clean up messes.
children getting left out of social situations.
children not meeting goals.
child being over emotional after a move.
doing role plays.
staying emotionally connected to our children and the expectation trap.
child going out of control and then saying she is clam but then going right back out of control.
what recourses to use to refresh our family on TSG

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Support call 2-2-21

This call covers:
Book lists.
Helping 2 year old stay clam.
Having a comfort object in calm down time.
bottling emotions. Does TSG cause this?
SODAS as a consequence.
Tantrums at the store.
Being in the room while children go to bed.
Helping children choose self control.
Homeschool vs. public school.
Helping children see the good of SODAS.
Teens getting a job.
Timing of disagree appropriately.
Relationships with children getting worse after TSG.
Helping kids become better workers.
understood instruction so speak a certain language for the day.

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Support call 1-13-21

This call covers:
Helping children get calm.
Creating set no answers.
Helping children remembering to check back.
Homeschooling methods and fears.
Explaining set no answers (making messes and cleaning them up) to children.
setting boundaries with teens who have boyfriends, and older siblings roles.
husband having anger problems.
Family meeting troubles.
Teaching toddlers TSG.
Building trust with technology.
Helping children recognize emotions V.S feelings.
constantly nagging children.
feeling hopeless about your family.

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Support call 12-23-20

This call covers:
TSG for a 4 year old.
Teaching kids to structure time.
Comparing children to their siblings.
Implementing new things.
What to do when a child is obviously out of control.
Should i apologize to my child?
Adult child disconnecting from family.
How to help adult child with TSG.
Husband’s lack of commitment and principles.
Husband not wanting to connect with family.

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Where We Give Our Attention Matters Most

When I was a little girl, my brothers used to tease me. Every time I was teased or called names by them, I allowed myself to become emotional. One day when I was upset, my father said to me, “Nicholeen, if you don’t let the teasing work, then it won’t be fun for them and

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