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They Can Smell It: Parenting Videos

Have you ever heard that old phrase about how dogs can “smell fear?” Well, dogs aren’t the only ones who can smell fear; children can too. Children know the moment they have you. They know when mom is out of ideas and dad is ready to explode. They know.

All people are born with this kind of sense about other people, so it is natural for children to consider it as valuable as seeing or tasting.

Peck Family Sings: What Is A Family?

Since our whole family enjoys singing we have wanted a family song for a while. Well, finally we did it. Our great friend and mentor, Lawrence Gee put music to some words about family that I wrote out. Lawrence knows our family well, and understands the principles of self-government too, so he crafted a song that was just perfect for us to sing. This song is our Christmas present to your family. We hope you have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Feel free to share this with other people too. It is meant to inspire parents and children to live as a more united family. Sending you all our love! ~The Peck Family


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A New Look!!!

If you have been visiting Teaching Self-Government for a while you will notice we have a new look and new features to our site! We are so excited to be off and running with a more user friendly, and nice looking site.

Teaching Self Government requires Self Government

        Another way I change my children’s hearts is to see what changes I have to make in myself.  If a relationship is suffering, it is usually a two person problem.  So, if I feel disconnected from my child, I take a good hard look at what I can do to change myself, motivate myself, and inspire myself.  In short, I try to see how I can live better so that I can inspire my child to live better.  In the past this has even required a new way of communicating to my family.  So far, this approach to changing hearts has been a big blessing for myself and my family. 

        If I am going to in