Podcast 89 – Raising Social Children In an Anti-Social World

In this podcast, Nicholeen and Paije discuss social skills: how and where are they learned? What social skills should be avoided? What if you’re anti-social as the parent, but still want to teach your children good social skills? Listen in for great tips and inspiration!

Podcast 43 – Families VS Factions

In this podcast, Nicholeen and Paije discuss the difference between factions and families and why the family is under attack from factions, whether outside the family unit or from inside the family. Many global unifiers have been influenced by factions from many different groups. How can the family stay close together and not be affected …

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Age 13 – And Defiant

I once heard from a mother who was having a hard time getting her 13-year-old son on board with the family vision. The other children eagerly participated in role playing exercises of following instructions and accepting consequences, but the son wouldn’t join. He wouldn’t come for family meetings or participate in activities.

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Public Databases Destroying “Safe Places” For Children

I’ve been writing about the best practices in raising children since 2006. During this time, I’ve covered a variety of subjects, but never did I think I would end up writing about a topic like this. No matter where you live or how you choose to educate your children, this database scandal could likely affect …

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[Support Group Article Gem] Is Disney’s “Inside Out” Really “Outside In?”

I know this article could ruffle a few feathers but I felt like my support group would reallyappreciate it even if they didn’t totally agree.I recently saw the new movie “Inside Out” and couldn’t help but analyze it. My husband alwaysteases me for how much I analyze movies. I actually just analyze everything. That is whatthinking people do. My brain is always searching for more truth or more traps. I guess it’s in myprograming.