OT: How To Motivate Students To Learn

This might seem off topic, but I don’t know if it really is. I think having motivated students is something all parents work for. The question was posed to me: Nicholeen, what do you do to prepare your teenage youth for academic success?

On a recent conference call I went into great detail on the subject. As a special treat I have the recording of that call to share with you today.

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Preparing For School With An Ex-Super Mom & My Homeschool Schedule

(This article contains Nicholeen’s daily home and school schedule for this coming year & a video of how she makes a yearly plan forthe family.)

We have all heard the term “super mom” before. Some people have a positive association with the term. They think, “Wow, that lady is amazing. I want to be a super mom like her.” And, some have a negative association with the term.

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Negative Consequence Rutt: Parenting Tips

“My two oldest boys, ages 8 and 7 are really giving me a run………..I know that if I stay strong, it will all pay off.
We have a family mission statement, we have a job jar, we have been roll playing. They know what our “standards” are.
My 7 year old has had discipline “issues” for 1 and 1/2 weeks consistently every morning during “school time”. He gets so frustrated with me when I calmly let him know that he earned another “consequence” I make sure and tell him that I love him and I wish that he could join us for privileged free time. He assures me that he will try harder but the same things keep happening over and over. He is 7 and very wiggly and dreamy, and distracted. He even has been swearing which is NOT our family standard! I try to explain to him that if he has good control over his body and mouth during school time, he will earn privileges, but he just doesn’t learn…………Any tips?”

It sounds like you are doing pretty well at creating an environment for self-government in your home.

I hope your son is doing better now. If not read pages 66-69 in my book Parenting A House United. I am guessing you have it. This section goes over motivation for children who get themselves in a rutt.

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School Problems ~When The Classroom Comes Home

“I have a 5 year old son that is in kindergarten.  He loves school because of all his friends there…  Unfortunately with school I see him still coming home with some bad habits that we must work to break.  I think his teacher is great but with all the kids in the class she can’t be expected to enforce/reward self-government principles.  My concern is that he is getting confused with discipline at home and less discipline at school.  How do you address this issue with your kids?”

It is hard to have a child come home from school with behaviors you need to break all the time.

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