Success Stories

Support call 5-18-22

This call covers:
Child having tantrums that are not age appropriate.
rule of three question.
one year old getting annoying and throwing things all the time.
Question about apologizing.
how to prepare for the future.
Question about scholar phase of learning.
Movie and game recommendations.
Game and movie recommendations.
Needing children to be accountable.

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Support call 12-22-21

This call covers:
Setting boundaries with son that has a pornography problem.
Online gaming addiction.
Where extra chores come from.
Child justifying behavior because she is the middle child.
Autistic child taking a long time to accept his 24 hour loss of privilege’s.
More then one child not following instructions at the same time.
daughter experimenting with being gay and I feel powerless.
Rule of three question.

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Support call 11-10-21

This call covers:
Managing chores with FSAD 7 year old.
Implementing rule of three with manipulative 6 year old.
Son consistently not cleaning up after himself even though he knows he needs to.
Inspiring son to stay motivated.
Kids giving input on chores they earn.
5000 hours of study to become proficient.
Child saying he is calm but is obviously not calm.
How to manage many things going on all at the same time while homeschooling.

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Support call 11-3-21

This call covers:
6 year old self pleasuring.
son avoiding family time and pulling away from religion.
what to talk about with an upcoming adult.
son earned an xbox over the summer but sends to much time on it.
Neighbor kid smoking pot.
Son distancing himself from family and religion.
Multiple out of control children at the same time.
Child being touchy out of a place of control.

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Support call 10-13-21

This call covers:
Picking appropriate material to watch online.
Adult child not wanting to do TSG but still living at home.
What to do about the rule of three with aggressive child on the spectrum.
Group problem solving and parenting multiple people a the same time.
Helping my children with social when I have social anxiety.
Home immediately does the chore need to happen after is is earned?

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Support Call 8-4-21

This call covers:
23 month old not wanting to talk.
Child leaving house without permission and it’s not the first time.
Child having something they are not supposed to.
dealing with disappointment after having a life long dream.
implementing chores.
explaining entitlement.
wanting to connect with a child who is isolating.
children were doing good with TSG but are now testing the system.
Bisexual son showing to much PDA around family.
5 year old with a temper.
dipper change time.

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Support call 5-26-21

This call covers:
How to improve family relationships.
not having a manly/cool laugh.
“going off course”
feeling burnt out with homeschool.
boundaries at an ex-husbands house.
children wanting to do things with friends but i don’t trust them.
praising help.
keeping children focused during family work time.
child bossing parent around.
setting boundaries with other adults.

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Support call 5-12-21

This call covers:
Child not accepting no and hitting.
Disagreeing appropriately everyday to stay in bed.
Child spending to much time on the computer.
Homeschool in the summer.
motivating children to stay calm.
how to help with love of learning phase when children are in public school.
child came out as gay and in undermining our family system.
child been out of control for 4 days.

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