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Clara sitting calmly on stairs

Self-Regulation Skills for All Ages —Even Toddlers!

by Nicholeen Peck As parents, my husband and I hope that our children will succeed as parents. My daughter, Paije, has exceeded my parenting expectations with her little toddler daughter, Clara. The skills that Paije has taught Clara to help her do self-regulation and self-calming are good skills for 21-month-olds, however, these self-government skills that …

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Support Call 6-21-2023

This call covers:

* Misbehavior While On The Phone
* Summer Schedule
* 24-Hour Loss of Privileges Takes the Whole Day
* Success Story! Age 4 and Disagreeing Appropriately
* No Answers VS. Disagreeing Appropriately
* Teaching Disagreeing Appropriately to Young Children
* Teenage Sibling Bossy When Babysitting
* Husband Not Calm
* Role Playing “No” Answers and Corrections
* Daughter Afraid of Mother When Her Bedroom is Messy
* Age 7 Finds Joy in Blatant Disobedience & Age 10 is Bossy When Playing With Younger Siblings

Support Call 3-22-2023

This call covers:

Teen Caught In Between
Where to Start?
Sitting Still
Disrespect Toward Teachers At School
Follow Up On Teen Sneaking Cell Phone
Young siblings snapping at each other
Success story!

Support Call 3-08-2023

This call covers:

4-year-old toilet issues
Homeschooling, disorganized home, work/money
9 yr/old that won’t make eye contact
Advice about grandparents’ visit
18-year-old daughter living at home, not working, not going to school
Incorporating TSG in Children’s Ministry
Calming down in all situations & mutism
Video game addiction and mental fracturing
Finding a media balance for the family
Praise becoming a negative trigger
Success story with children at a funeral

Support Call 3-01-2023

This call covers:
“No” answers for young children (22 months and younger).
Regression of skills after being tended by Grandma.
Tween son not wanting to let video games go.
Age 3 child influenced by inconsistency in parenting due to divorce.
Scheduling the family chores and life.
Implementing TSG in an unstable parenting/family situation.
Trouble with using the word “Roles”.
Using TSG language to manipulate family members.
“No” answers about social media for teens.
Child not wanting to follow through with a class.
Parents wanting teens to spend more time at home with family.

Support Call 2-15-23

This call covers:
Helping Son Regain Calmness
Implementing A Thomas Jefferson Education
Correction At Bedtime
Just Getting Started
Emotional Teen
Having Trouble Understanding And Staying Calm
Homeschooling With 8 Children
Love of Learner Question
Blended Family and Parental Alienation
Accepting Consequences

Support call 2-1-23

This call covers:
Attitude or Developmental Issue
3 Year Old Guidance Ideas?
Daughter Just Will NOT Listen:
5 Year Old Using Not Nice Language: pdfs

Support call 1-4-23

This call covers:
My Nine-Year-Old Daughter Resists Using The Skills:
15 Year Old Daughter Phone Etiquette:
Loss of Privileges for 24 Hours:
Every Single Day Do A Family Canon?
Not wanting to control my adult child
Activities that don’t involve screens.
Screen time.

Support call 12-28-22

This call covers:
Single Mom Confused With Roles
Chores for certain ages
Disagree appropriately question
Following through
Book Recommendations
Fighting And Not Listening
Morning Chores Earned The Night Before

Support Call 12-22-2022

This call covers:
My Six Year Old Is Using A Baby Voice To Annoy People
Sick & Tired of Losing My Calm
3 /yo Success And 9/yo and 11/yo Relationship
Calming Down Toddlers;
Buying Clothes at Age 12
book recommendations
adult role with parents.

Support call 12-14-22

This call covers:
Separation anxiety in 6yo son
Sexual Grooming
Our Home Is Too Serious
Sibling Love
Stay Emotionally Intact In A Storm of Emotions
Success Story and Question:
I Didn’t Hear You, And Too Much Disagreeing Appropriately
wake up time
son getting things off his chest

Support call 11-23-22

Modified rule of three.
Having high tolerances.
Son wanting father.
Children avoiding tasks.
Sibling banter.

Support call 11-16-22

This call covers:
staying consistent while sick.
Removing positive consequence.
Helping daughter that wants to drop out of college.
Letting children sleep in.
Child disconnecting while being talked to.

Support call 11-8-22

This call covers:
Children exploding at parent.
Softening negative consequences.
Addressing screaming toddlers.
Son negative attention seeking continually.
Pulling/cleaning teeth question.
Going out of control during 24 hours loss of privileges.
Raging children.
Children earning money in the home.
Children not sharing with each other.

Support call 10-26-22

This call covers:
Tone issues.
Child always seeking the next thrill.
ADHD question.
Maintaining influence in adult children’s lives.
calmness and earning chores.
Helping children resolve anger.
Restitution question.

Support call 10-12-22

This call covers:
Child not trying to get back in control.
Low tolerances.
Major maintenance question.
Family members blaming you.

Support call 9-14-22

This call covers:
Children feeling like they do more work then other children.
Husband hiding addictions.
Not knowing what child did what.
TSG for teens with ODD.
Child going to the bathroom for cleaning time.
Child spending super long in bathroom.

Support call 8-17-22

This call covers:
Loss of privilege’s question
Fitting needed things into family lifestyle.
Letting kids pick activities.
Child being picky about clothing.
Daily routine.
Disagreeing appropriately question.

Support call 7-13-22

This call covers:
Media taking over binding.
tattling VS. reporting.
When to do the rule of three.
Eating two meals a day.
Children talking about LGBTQ issues.
Social training question.