age 10

Support Call 5-05-17

This call covers:

  • 3-year-old will not do any chores, even after earning them and calming down.
  • Getting teens on board with the new TSG skills when they don’t want to.
  • Feeling like a robot when doing the rule of three and how to make it not as mechanic.
  • Helping children become “humble enough” to listen to parents during the rule of three.
  • Inspiring change in adult children to help them stop power struggling.

Support Call 12-11-15

This call covers:

  • My 2-year-old son is very stubborn and strong-willed and he “pushes back” at me, but not at Dad. What do I do about this?
  • All of my children are dawdling through their chores and their school. How do I help them overcome that?
  • How does “say okay and be okay” work with no answers? Mychildren cry, whine, and get attitude problems when they don’t get their way.

Support Call 10-23-15

This call covers:

  • Upcoming Schedule changes. Mark them on your calendar!
  • My son can’t seem to accept a chore during playtime. He’s fine when it’s chore time, but other than that, he has a breakdown when I ask him to do even the simplest things.
  • How old should my children be for me to give them chores? When can they do them?
  • One of my sons goes to and through the Rule of Three often. But, it seems that the more calm I am, the more angry he is. How do I fix that?

Support Call 9-25-15

This call covers:

  • How to still be a parent, even with shared custody of a child.
  • Handling multiple meltdowns at once.
  • Backup Calm Down spots for when multiple children need it.
  • Daughter is disrespectful to mother and monopolizes father, leaving no time for mother and father to have Couple Bonding time. Suggestions?
  • Special, new presentation: Power Of Words

Support Call 7-31-15

This call covers:

  • Teaching homeschool while keeping the house clean. How do I keep it all going?
  • We’re new to TSG and have 4 children. Our 14-year-old is struggling with following instructions and being calm. What do we do?
  • My aged 14 son has come back to live with me after being a whole year with his dad and in public school with no boundaries. He says he hates me, won’t do anything I say, and does anything he can to show me how much he dislikes me. How do I help him?
  • What happens when you’ve gone through the Rule of Three and your child isstillout of control. What do I do?

Support Call 7-17-15

This call covers:

  • Is “going to the realms of fantasy” the same as negative attention-seeking?
  • Children learning to follow instructions with or without the specific TSG language.
  • How to use TSG with an aged 16 daughter who knows no boundaries and who must go to court for her behaviors.
  • When given a “no” answer, how to recognize and correct manipulation.
  • My husband thinks I’m too quick to correct behaviors and he doesn’t like the 24-hrs loss of privileges “punishment.”
  • How to have family meetings with grown children.

Support Call 5-8-15

This call covers:

  • Facebook discount for upcoming TSG Conference and Cancun details
  • Learning how to repair family ties with your children after they’re grown and gone.
  • How to help your child disagree appropriately and want to practice disagreeing appropriately.
  • Daydreaming habits that are distracting my child from socializing with others properly.
  • Role confusion between parents and their son, age 20.
  • Building VS Forcing a relationship and connecting to my children while working.

Conference Call 4-8-11

After her brother’s wedding Nicholeen shares a nugget of wisdom“Receiving your Spouse”. She discusses the importance of receiving and improving your relationship with your spouse, gives an assessment, and discusses the3 Types of Communication.


  • My husband thinks I am too much of a softy and that kids need more aggressive measures than just talking about it. So do I go his way or make him come my way?
  • My children are 10, 12, and14 year olds but they act like 3 year olds. The feeling in the house is total contention there’s been fighting, squabbling, teasing, sibling rivalry, they are being destructive.My goal to stay calm. What do I do?
  • Talking helps me understand my thoughts.What do I do when there is something I need to talk concerning my spouse? I know you mentioned that we shouldn’t talk behind our spouses back?
  • We are trying to implement things in your book. I have older kids who don’t care for the changes. My husband says we need to get back to core and back to the relationships with them. How do you suggest we start implementing Self-Government?

Is Hovering Necessary?

Hovering gives a message of not trusting. Ifhe thinks that you don’t trust him,he will think of himself as a dishonest person based upon your behaviors. Hovering is also a form of a power struggle. So, if you shouldn’t hover over a child to make sure that he follows through with earned consequences, or instructions that have been given, what should you do to change the behavior?

Powerful Pre-teaching

I thought this comment was worth sharing on the front page. ~Nicholeen

I just wanted to share a neat little conversation with 10yod tonight while we were cleaning the dinner dishes. She said, “You know that when you ask 4yod and 6yos to like, go make their bed. They whine and don’t want to do it, but if you say, ‘William, I’m going to give you an instruction. Please go make your bed.’ Than they say ‘OK’ and go do it right away.!” I praised her tons for making and sharing this observation and we talked about how interesting that was. I think the difference is that we practice