I’m Not Looking!3 min read

A while ago,I was driving down the highway looking at the clear blue sky and the snow-capped mountains.A bird with a bright yellow head and a black body was perched on a wooden fence on the side of the road.The mountains were so beautiful.The spring flowers were starting to bloom.The radio played my favorite classical music station.The drive felt calm, like a dream.

Suddenly, a red car cut in front of me.On the back window of the car, right in full view, was a “dirty” picture.All of the sudden I was sick inside.The picture made me mad.It also forced me to suppress undesirable feelings. It’s amazing what one image can do to your soul! I looked away, hoping to get away from the picture.

Before I realized what was happening, I was looking at the image again.Something about it caught me, and no matter what I did I couldn’t stop my eyes from going back to it. I was having a conflict over this image.I felt the strength of it.It was as if I couldn’t get away from it because I knew what it was and wasn’t used to such filth.

No matter how hard I tried to focus on the great drive I’d beenhaving, the bird was gone, the mountains were gone, the sky was gone and even the music that was still playing was gone because of the image’s evil power.

All of the sudden I found my chance — a lane opened up so I could pass the car.I took my opportunity and passed by the red car and the image.After I knew the image was behind me, I re-gained my focus. It was like magic! The distraction was behind me.I saw beauty in the world again and heard the uplifting music. The rest of my drive was calm and enjoyable.

The Power Of Distractions

After this experience I wondered how many families go through life like a dream until a distraction creeps into our lives that has the power to take over the beauty we used to know.

Can we allow ourselves, as parents, to become distracted? Can we really afford to casually give into the distractions around us?

The distractions will take over our families if we let them. It’s almost impossible to take our attention away from them after we’ve chosen to look in their direction. But, once we successfully pass up those distractions that have taken control over us for a time, we’re stronger and life is good. We need to look for the straight road and push past the junk that clouds our vision.I wasn’t sent here to become distracted, and neither were you.

What can you put behind you today that is blinding you to the greatness of life and family? Family is everything in life.Everything in this world is about family.Every simple decision we make either helps or hurts our family.What a great reason to not allow our focus to be taken over by the Great Distracter!