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As I was looking at your chore chart, I thought of another question I've been meaning to ask about chores. I noticed Sunday is listed as a day of rest on the charts–how does that work with things that have to be done everyday (like setting/clearing the table, dishes, animals, making beds, etc.)? Also, how do you handle extra chores that are earned on Sunday? Do they carry over to the next day, or do you have a different consequence for Sundays?

This is how Sundays work at our house. We don't have any specific chores listed on our charts. However, things like making beds, and picking up bedrooms aren't ever on our charts any way. These fall in the category of tasks which have to be done every day to keep the home running smoothly. Every day of the week, along with their regular chores,my children are required to:

Make their bed

Straighten their room

Get dressed

Feed pets

and Perform hygiene tasks like brushing teeth, showering, and combing hair etc.

No matter what day it is, these tasks have to be done. Also, meal preparation and clean up must happen. We even have to sometimes straighten up the family room where the children like to play games on Sundays. If you can't walk through a room, it doesn't matter what day it is, it's time to do some clean up.

Since Sunday isour day of rest, we don't have chore lists with regular chores, we don't do major house chores, or deep cleaning. We also choose not to do yard work or home repairs on Sundays. This day of rest one day per week is a wonderful family day. In fact, I think it is one of the most enjoyable days of the week!

When people are getting visions of what they want their family to feel like, I always tell them to picture what they want their family to feel like on a Sunday afternoon a few months from now. Sunday afternoons can either be all about self, by watching lots of television and such or they can be all about family. We try to make every Sunday memorable. We have found Sundays are the best days to read stories and play games as a family. Baking cookies is always fun too!


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