Podcast 45 – Understanding Emotions and Other Feely Things

In this podcast, Nicholeen and Paije discuss the difference between emotions and feelings, how feelings can be communicated without emotional “vomiting,” and worldwide misconceptions about how emotions and feelings should govern us. Do you or someone you know feel like they have to dump their emotions in order to work through something? Not true! Listen

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Brick Wall

Hitting Walls

There are times for all of us when we “hit walls.” These walls can be tough.Walls are really big and really heavy. To break one requires certain things. But, it is possible tobreak these walls. To do so, you need certain things. What does it look like to break a wall? And how does it relate to parenting?

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Broom, dustpan, and child's feet

Why Not?

I instructed my daughter to sweep the floor. She said, “OK Mom, but I don’t know how.”

This surprised me. She had seen me sweep the floor so many times, that I forgot she might not even know how to accomplish the task.So, I told her exactly how to do it. It’s needs to be the same when telling your child what to say.

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