Summer Fun for the Children; and the Parents Too!1 min read

My children have started a fun new game this Summer thanks to a very creative friend. They play camping. Their friend found lots of old odds and ends around the house and garage and loaded them into his wagon and brought them over to play. The children loved it so much, they play it every day!

My children asked me if they could take some of their money to the local thrift shop and buy some old things to play camping with. They left with dishes and old telephones. They were in heaven picking the new toys and had even more fun paying for them with their own money. Then it came time to pay and they never wanted to stop.

If you can find a game like this for your children to play this Summer it will be better than any high priced attraction. This kind of play is the best part of being a child and lasts for days and days. It is also fun to join in on. My children immediately asked me if I would play camping with them when we got home. What fun!!! It will be great to see what all the new shiny stuff looks like after they get it outside filled with mud. That is the real way the “camping” game happens. Tomorrow ought to be a lot of fun!!!

Play with your children. It doesn’t have to cost a lot. If you are there, really there, then the magic of play can begin. Have fun this Summer.