Sibling Rivalry Movie: Computer Fights1 min read

[video:] Last week my post was about sibling rivalry. Here is a movie which shows how knowing to disagree appropriately is a skill which helps sibling rivalry.

This sibling rivalry solution video was filmed while I was doing some private self-government teaching for a family. I thought the children did very well with their new skills! It is hard to learn new stuff. But, both children will have much more happiness now that they understand that disagreeing appropriately is for their relationship as well as their relationships with Mom and Dad.

I want to thank the family for allowing me to share this footage.

I especially liked that this situation happened about such a common subject in homes these days; sharing the computer. Families lives revolve more and more around the computer; especially as they grow. I suppose saying the word "revolve" could give the wrong impression, but it seems fitting. I know in my house my children schedule their time to write papers, time to email cousins, time to work on gifts, or time to do online classes in their planners each day. It can be quite a task to help everyone get the computer time they need without getting someone upset, and while trying to keep computer time to a minimum.

I think this is a perfect video to show to your children. Maybe it will inspire them to start using their self-government skills, like disagreeing appropriately with each other as well as with you.

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