Important Things | Teaching Self-Government

Important Things

Those voices all around me;
“You’re wasting time,” they say.
The yard, dishes, big project
Were waiting for today
My lists are overwhelming;
Still waiting to be checked.
If I don’t get those things done
This day just might be wrecked.
My boy; age three, approaches.
His eyes are set on me.
“Mommy, help me with my socks,”
He says beside my knee.
Lifting him to my shoulder,
We hug and rock a bit.
He tells me little stories.
I smile at his wit.
My mind is slow to forget
The lists of undone things.
I feel my son’s beating heart.
It’s pulling at my strings.
My ten minutes pass away.
The list, I do not touch.
I bonded with my little one.
Not one list means as much
When I am old and gray haired,
With not much time to spare,
The memories of these snuggles,
Are treasures I will wear.
I can’t say, “Good bye” to lists;
They’re always there for me.
Until the day I get to pass,
I never will be free.
I will enjoy each moment
I have with my young one,
And carry smiles and sunshine;
Gifts from my little son.
Nicholeen Peck