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Good Kids Books:

“Do you have any book suggestions for helping my children learn to want to be obedient?”


I was asked this question a couple of years ago, and it got me thinking. I couldn’t answer it. I didn’t know of any must have kids books which would teach children the kinds of self-government skills they need to be happy obedient children.

But, now there is such a book! I am excited to announce that “Londyn LaRae Says Okay!”, a book I have written to teach children how to follow instructions, is almost here!

The very talented illustrator, Becky Fawson, is almost done painting the artwork, and then the book is off to the printer.

Here is a photo of the cover:

The book is on sale for a discounted price for this month. The price is $13.95 until it comes back from the printer. Reserve yours today and you will receive your copy first.

The book is a beautiful hardback picture book with a rhyming story and engaging illustrations.

What People Are Saying About “Londyn LaRae Says Okay!”

I have allowed a few people to have a sneak-peek at the book and this is what they have said:

“Wow! This is going to be an even bigger success than Parenting A House United, because it is like watching how self-government is supposed to look. It is easy for parents and children to learn many of the principles in a short engaging way. I can’t wait for my copy!” -Yvonne

“Oh Nicholeen, I wish I would have had this book when I started teaching my family self-government! This would have given everyone the self-government vision they needed. I’m getting one for sure!” -Annmarie

Reserve your copy at the discounted price HERE!



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