Families Of Light2 min read

“Mommy, what makes the moon shine?”askedmy six-year-old daughter, Londyn.

“The moon reflects the light of the sun,” I responded.

After a brief discussion about the moon and the sun, I realized that her question was really profound. Innocence almost always finds truth.I’m grateful for that.

The moon reflects the light from the sun. It never turns its back on the sun either.It always faces it.The moon loses light when things get in the way, like the earth.The moon has the power to control the tides on the earth; the very thing that gets in the wayof the moon reflecting light.The moon gives direction to people that are searching for direction and take the time to notice the moon.The list could go on.

The moon, simply, is an amazing teacher to us all.

Families Can BeLike The Moon

Our families are like the moon.We need to always be looking to a source of light and truth. We should never turn our backs on it.If we look to a source of light for principles and truth, then we’ll reflect light to all those around us.Our families can lose some of our light when we allow distractions to shadow our light.If we keep our family’s lights burning bright, then we will have the power to give direction to anyone that takes the time to notice that our family has the light.Many families around us are lost, and can’t find their way in this “increasingly dangerous and wicked world.”

Our families can be like the moon.We can lead other families around us to safe harbors!

How do we do this?We become people of light when we prioritize.We have to get all the junk out of our lives.We become people of light when we stay away from all the distractions that lead us toward the path of mediocrity.And, we become people of light when we decide as families to be people of mission and light.Only then can we carry the power of inspiration with our families out into the world around us.

One simple question became the inspiration for this article:”Mommy, what makes the moon shine?”

So, I ask YOU: “What makes you shine?”

I bet the answer to both of the questions is the same:The light from a more powerful body.

Shine On!