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I have to ask it because it’s something I struggle with talking about to my kids . . . when do you talk to your children about sex? How do you go about it so that they understand that sex is actually a good thing at the right time and place, and not some evil thing (the world’s view) that you have to do to bring children to the world? Or worse yet, that it is some sneaky thing that adults don’t want you to know about or do but that if you don’t do you are deprived or weird, or something.

Many of the young women I work seem to have a warped view of sex and I don’t want my children to have the same view. However, it’s so tempting to just try and prolong their innocence for as long as possible and to not bring sex and all of the worldly issues into our conversations. . .

As soon as possible!

When my daughter was 6, her best friend was over playing one day, and that day changed everything for us.

From the time my children could understandlanguage I taught them that therebodies were”special”. I taught them that they shouldn’t ever show anyone their special bodies unlessMommywas with them. I also taught them about appropriate kinds of touch. This may seem like I was starting a little young, but we lived with foster children, most of whom had some sexual background. In order to protect my children, I started talking aboutthings really early. Because of this early teaching, myyoung daughter was extremely modest and observant about what clothing styles were appropriate and inappropriate at a very young age. I was happy she was aware, so that she wouldn’t be fooled. Many of the foster youth I had inmy homeended up in foster care, because of some sort of sexual contact at an innocent age.

Back to my story. A little neighborhood girl wasover playing one day when allof the suddenmy daughter came out of her room and said, “Mom, can I talk to you for a minute?”

“Sure!” I said.

“Maggiewasjust talking to me about school and she said that there is a boy she really likes. She says that he is her boyfriend.”

“Oh.” (Of course I was thinking,yikes, boyfriend at age6?)

She went on, “She said that she is really excited because he says that he wants to sex with her. This sounded like something I should tell you. I don’t want her mad at me, but I don’t think she should do that with people.”

I was so happy at that point that my daughter knew about sex at age 6. I was also devastated that someone really neededto know about sex at age 6 now days, and that I was going to have to call my dear friend and neighbor to tell her the situation with her daughter. NOTE: Little Maggie didn’t knowwhat sex was, so when this boy made it sound like a privilege, she just went along.

Talk aboutsex as soon as you can, using the spirit as a guide for timing with each individual child of course.

After that experience my view of when to talk about sex changed. I knew that the rules on this subject had changed, because the character and virtues of the people have changed from when I was a little girl

Let the Spirit be your guide. Don’t be afraid to bring it up, if you have any concern. Prayerfully decide whether to speak individually or as a family group to the children.

Speak descriptively. Bodies are sacred/no touching-even family members (Have policies to back it up. Our family has an open door policy, which means that doors in our house are always open unless someone is dressing, going to the bathroom, or wrapping Christmas presents etc.)Tell them about the beautiful relationship you and your spouse share. Tell them that it is a wonderful part of marriage. It feels nice and brings couples close together. Tell them how the devil takes everything good and uses it for a bad purpose: TV, computer, cold medicine, sex. He uses it to debase people. To take away their freedom. Because that is what happens when people give in to their desires. They are choosing bondage. Tell them how hard the devil worked on you before you were married and what you had to do to stay morally clean. Tell them that their virtue is their most prized possession, so to protect it at all costs. Share experiences of people you know who messed up. Don’t use names. Tell them how wonderful it will be to marry the man and woman of their dreams and to give themselves to them romantically.

Tell them the science of the act.

This is always a hard subject to get used to talking about, but I have found that talking about it shields families from the evil one. The more they know, the better they can govern themselves.

God Bless!


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