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Everything I teach in my home leads to duty and then VOICE. Because, how can you be a leader in this world and not have any voice, or way to lead people? Even example is a form of voice. We need to all be walking messages for what we believe. Someone who tries to be politically correct all of the time can’t inspire change in anyone.

A person’s character cannot stay in the vision and learning stages; a character must act to really be considered a character at all. If no one can see you stand for something, then you are not really a person of character yet.

As all great scholars and leaders of the past and present, our youth need to learn how to use their voices and what to use them for; their missions. Then they must stand. They want to stand. We can't hold them back.

Aristophanes, who was one of the Old Greek play writes, did something in his plays that was new at the time. He would script his characters to break fourth wall. Normally, an actor stays disconnected from the audience, so that the story seems real, like a movie. When the characters break fourth wall, they actually converse with the members of the audience.

As leaders we have to break fourth wall once our character is developed too. We need to reach out and touch the people that are around us; watching us. The world is ready for our voices. In fact, they are waiting for us to stand up. I found an interesting web site The site was made by a young boy who is challenging the world to stop cussing. Inspiring! The world is looking at him and responding. We all have things we need to step up about too.

As we keep acting in the character of a leader, we will feel when it is time to break 4

In C.S. Lewis’ essay, "The Way", he talks about how our society is changing the way people think. He says that we are watering down values to the point that soon they will be washed away. Some people currently believe that things like values, morals, and character are just inherited taboos mixed with religion and emotions. Many people think that if we do away with these taboos, then ‘real or basic’ values will emerge.

If we give in to this basic values mentality, then we are saying that the only thing worth listening to is our bodies. What about our minds? Even more importantly, what about our hearts? Men without chests or hearts only see what benefits their physical needs. They would have us believe that instinct is more important than self, or values, or reason, or character. Society believes that instinct, or the body rules the mind, heart and soul.

This is the battle we are meant to fight. Instinct verses mind, heart and soul. Sometimes it is even Instinct and mind verses heart and soul. The point is that without heart, or a "Chest", as C.S. Lewis calls it, we throw out mission, providence, and character. What side of this battle will you be on. The bigger battles are just over the horizons.

Our souls, or chests, are products of our obedience or disobedience. The more obedient we are to our souls, or Spirits, the more power we will have to Stand for goodness and change the world.

Ardith Green Kapp said, "When obedience ceases to be an irritant and becomes our quest, then God endows us with POWER."

Let's build strong characters and then together, Stand!

Teach your children that right choices increase their power and wrong choices decrease power. This is why we want our children to learn how to govern their own behaviors; to choose power. The world needs more people who understand power, know how to get power and when to use their power.

I am excited to announce that on March 7th I will be speaking to youth at the Thomas Jefferson Education Forum in Salt Lake City about this very thing; how to be ready to The presentation will also teach the youth ages 12-13 the four basics; how to follow instructions and disagree appropriately etc. The presentation is designed to give youth the tips they need to master communication skills so they are ready to impact the world and their families for good. 🙂



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