Loosen Up! It Makes Life Fun!1 min read

This comment was made by a blogger. My comments arebelow.

“Our family has serious lack of enjoyment issues. I think we just don’t know how to have fun because we are afraid to spend any money on frivolousness when we have debts to pay, and we have not done anything for so long, we don’t know what to do to just get away and have fun together.”

Family Activities don’t have to cost. I bet if you sat down with your children and made a list of family activity ideas that were low cost or free, you would be surprised how many things there are to do —and how many things your children wish you did with them.Start with pulling one idea off this list per week and then go from there.

Some ofour favorite family activities are flying kites, playing games, doing puzzles, making cookies together, singing around the piano, jumping on the trampoline together, dancing in the dark with someone being the spot light(they hold a flashlight), having puppet shows (the children love seeing mom and dad’s shows best), painting together, running on the slip and slide, and playing basketball or kickball.Outside summer water fights are always fun (and cheap) too.

Anything that Mom and Dad do with the children and really get into = fun times for the children.Parents justneed to loosen up. Sometimes we take life way too seriously.If we let ourselves have fun and be crazy, then the children will have fun as well. No, they will have a blast!

Teaching the children that it’s OK to act silly and have fun also helps them develop self-confidence.Family life was meant to be fun.If parents let loose, thenlifewill be more enjoyable for the whole family.

Nicholeen Peck


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